The Borderland Rituals

Umbra Nihil

Strange band this UMBRA NIHIL. They win the impressions from simple and basic things and […]
By Yiannis Doukas
February 19, 2009
Umbra Nihil - The Borderland Rituals album cover

Strange band this UMBRA NIHIL. They win the impressions from simple and basic things and surely they create their unique personality. We could say that they are into Doom, traditional Doom, but they dilate the horizons via vast plains irrigated with the liquid of dreaming, a furtive glance to the infinity and to indocile fantasy.
The start point for their songs are settled above Doom bases, from CANDLEMASS to REVEREND BIZARRE. I strongly believe that the Finland's Doom Over The World friends will find interesting things to these compatriots. The weird here is the plethora of traveling melodies that refer to prog rock groups from 70ies or to German hallucinogen ones like AMON DUUL. They show us that they don't fear in expression's gates, being free in anything may be emerged from their minds like a jamming that transforming into a song by following a dark line of demarcation.
The above description may be a little limited for The Borderland Rituals since surprises exist in almost any of the five included songs. Even in Open The Gate which is the most 'to the roots' Doom track is enriched with marvelous solos and specially the last one drives the listener's mind into noisy labyrinths. Something like accordion gives a unique color in the beginning of the Leaving The Body while the Sea Of Sleep has very nice melodies that work perfect for lonely walks or for the rain observation from your home. Last, inside The Sign Of Death smoulder a horror veil which without being exaggerated surely creates esoteric soul vibrations. A substratum of keys rises the song breaking boundaries exploring ambient universes since the ending seems to ride the mind into a cosmic vacuum.
The most important is the production for The Borderland Rituals. You will enjoy an organic, claustrophobic sound that also keeps the caress of the isolation's coldness and the silence of solitude. This feel is not only in the musical instruments but also in the almost minimalist expressionism that the vocals carry.
Unfortunately I don't know something more about UMBRA NIHIL, probably they are a trio band, they have also released a split with AARNI with some demo songs and another album named Gnoia in 2005 via Firedoom Records. The difference is that here, in this album they have something really worth mentioning and makes their past works losing a little. Without being something terrible or ground - breaking good, they created a piece of art that must not escape from the genre funs attention.

7 / 10


"The Borderland Rituals" Track-listing:

Welcome To The Borderland
Open The Gate
Leaving The Body
Sea Of Sleep
The Sign Of Death

Umbra Nihil Lineup:


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