Deflect The Flow


Some bands have become the face of modern Thrash Metal scene worldwide with their 1st […]
By V. Srikar
March 11, 2015
Ultra-Violence - Deflect The Flow album cover

Some bands have become the face of modern Thrash Metal scene worldwide with their 1st or 2nd album itself, and ULTRA-VIOLENCE is one of them, as they release their 2nd full length "Deflect The Flow " this April 27th.  This album underlines the fact why these Italian Thrashers are rated so highly by fans of the genre worldwide.

The album starts off with a fast number "Burning Through The Scars" giving a clear idea of what's to come through the rest of the album. It's the usual face-melting, long riffs driven, headbangable old school Thrash Metal. Well the vocals of Loris Castiglia are of screaming style and the high volume of the same adds a touch of beauty to the music. Surprisingly the very next song "Why So Serious"has a bit of punkish feel to it and is slightly disappointing. But the next few songs are simply mind blowing. Right from the intelligent bass solo between the anthemic Thrash in "Lost In Decay" to the acoustic solos in "In The Name Of Your God", this album pops up pleasant surprises periodically. The album pops in a total surprise with a complete acoustic song in the middle "A Second Birth" spanning just over a minute. The guitars mostly are full of sharp riffs and ear piercing solos, like in "The Checkered Sun" which also has one of the better vocal performances in the album. That scream in the latter part of the song is really something man! The drums here work just fine and the slight heaviness adds to the oomph of the album.

"The Way I'll Stay" brings in the anthemic feel back with the great backing vocals. The album ends with arguably the best song on offer here "Fractal Dimension" as the tempo is built in an anthemic fashion before bursting out into the plethora of riffs and screaming vocals. It's worth mentioning that Simone Verre really shows his proficiency in solos and uses them judiciously and treads in tasty and unique path without overdoing the same.

This year has already heated with some amazing Thrash releases in 2 months or so. The writing is on the wall,  "Deflect The Flow" will please all Thrash connoisseurs, and I find no major issues with this record and this album will sure tell critics worldwide that ULTRA-VIOLENCE were not one album wonder. While this album doesn't write new rules, it certainly brings something new to the table, worthy of your time.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Deflect The Flow" Track-listing:

1. Burning Through The Scars
2. Why So Serious
3. Gavel's Bang
4. Lost In Decay
5. In The Name Of Your God
6. A Second Birth
7. The Checkered Sun
8. Don't Burn The Witch (Venom cover
9. The Way I'll Stay
10. Fractal Dimension

Ultra-Violence Lineup:

Roberto "Rabba" Dimasi - Bass
Simone Verre - Drums
Andrea Vacchiotti - Lead Guitars
Loris Castiglia - Vocals, Rhythm guitars

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