If you enjoyed the direction the UFOMAMMUT embarked on with their 2022 “Fenice,” you’ll enjoy “Hidden.” It’s just a bit further on in the journey, a little deeper, a little darker.
July 8, 2024

Italy may have some murky politics, but the true primordial swamp resides in their Psychedelic Sludge scene. And in the middle of that swamp is a massive and unmoving monolith known as UFOMAMMUT. On May 17, 2024, a full quarter of century into their career, UFOMAMMUT released their 11th full-length album, “Hidden” via Neurot Recordings. It is as compelling as it is peculiar. A perfect artifact for their 25th milestone.

Okay, I know there’s some debate over the official number of UFOMAMMUT albums, but I’m sticking to 11 . . . though I could be swayed. I mean was the “Oro” couplet one album or two? Is a 17-minute recoding an EP or LP? What about their collaboration with LENTO? Was their album entitled “8” actually their eighth album? And if so, why was their boxed set titled “XX”? Mysteries. All of it mysteries.

With “Hidden” the band continues their expansion into Psych Doom and otherwise transcendental headspace, cosmic mythology, or quantum microbiology. All that, btw, is 100% my personal supposition, so please refrain from quoting or making a tattoo out of it. Having said that, UFOMAMMUT does hang in that nexus where enigmatic, philosophically vibing lyrics intersect with explorative, experimental music. No one has ever accused UFOMAMMUT of making ordinary music and “Hidden” lives up to that reputation. In fact, the stated intent of Neurot Recoding “is to release some of the most interesting and inspired pieces of music that exist.” UFOMAMMUT certainly qualifies.

My favorite tracks on the album are also the longest—tracks one, “Crookhead,” and four, “Mausoleum.” It’s not that they are any more remarkable than the four other tracks, it’s just that I like the additional landscape to wander around and get lost in. There’s always the promise of something tantalizing that’s lurking just past the next time signature shift or the deconstructive movement that unravels into its component parts and then rebuilds into something entirely different. There’s always the surprise of the ‘hidden,’ literally and metaphorically.

A lot has been said about Levre. This is his second album with UFOMAMMUT, and he continues to leave his mark—which is expected. I mean, this is a highly talented trio. Every band member is like a Mozart within their own sphere, but just Sludgier and with better facial hair.

I know almost nothing about music theory or actual musicianship. I just know what I like. And I like UFOMAMMUT, and I like “Hidden.” A lot. It’s an album you can really spend some time in. If you enjoyed the direction the band embarked on with “Fenice,” you’ll enjoy “Hidden.” It’s just a bit further on in the journey, a little deeper, a little darker.


8 / 10









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"Hidden" Track-listing:

1. Crookhead

2. Kismet

3. Spidher

4. Mausoleum

5. Leeched

6. Soulost


Ufomammut Lineup:

Urlo – Bass, synthesizers, vocals

Poia – Guitars

Levre – Drums

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