Steelhammer - Live In Moscow


As is the case with all great Rock bands, live albums are inevitable. Selling tickets […]
By Jeff Legg
May 12, 2014
U.D.O. - Steelhammer - Live In Moscow album cover

As is the case with all great Rock bands, live albums are inevitable. Selling tickets to live shows and amassing a huge fan base is a result of years of making great albums and U.D.O. have been one of the best in the business at doing just that since 1987.

"Steelhammer - Live In Moscow" is a must-have for all you fans of this Heavy Metal mainstay. This is the first live recording featuring their new line-up. Udo Dirkschneider (vocals), Andrey Smirnov (guitar), Kasperi Heikkinen (guitar), Fitty Wienhold (bass), and Francesco Jovino (drums) and they deliver the tight, powerful sound that made this band one of the best live acts anywhere. U.D.O. have a long-standing history with their massive Russian following so it was only fitting that they return there on their "Steelhammer" tour to record and video (available on DVD / Blue-Ray) a live album. Recorded September 28th, 2013 in the Arena Hall in Moscow, this is the ultimate collection of hits, rarities, and fan favorites from their extensive catalog. You'll hear songs that you haven't heard live in a long time, or maybe have never heard live at all. Once again, U.D.O. prove to the world why they are one of Europe's best Heavy Metal bands and that they haven't let "Father Time" catch up to them. If you are one of the large population of fans, or are a fan of power metal in general, "Steelhammer-Live in Moscow" is a must buy.

8 / 10


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"Steelhammer - Live In Moscow" Track-listing:

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Steelhammer
3. King of Mean
4. Future Land
5. Cry of a Nation
6. Trip To Nowhere
7. They Want War
8. Never Cross My Way
9. Stranger
10. Stay True
11. Into the Darkness
12. Azrael

Disc 2
1. No Limits
2. Mean Machine
3. Burning Heat
4. Metal Machine
5. Devil's Bite
6. Go Back to Hell
7. Timebomb
8. Holy
9. Metal Heart

U.D.O. Lineup:

Udo Dirkschneider - Vocals
Andrey Smirnov- Guitar
Kasperi Heikkinen - Guitar
Fitty Wienhold - Bass
Francesco Jovino- Drums

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