Man And Machine


Shortly after their awesome live release Live From Russia, U.D.O. are coming back with a […]
By Dimitra Zertopouli
May 2, 2002
U.D.O. - Man And Machine album cover

Shortly after their awesome live release Live From Russia, U.D.O. are coming back with a new thunderous album. Once again the Accept pair, Udo Dirkschneider and Stefan Kaufmann, continue their German Heavy Metal tradition.
Man And Machine seem to be the best release of U.D.O since their 1987 debut Animal House.
Man And Machine starts with the self-titled song, which is full of strong choral backing vocals and sweet but edgy guitar playing. Private Eye is a fast song that drips pure metal! Animal Instinct sounds as if it was written to be included in Accept's Russian Roulette since it's filled with all those teutonic backing vocals. OK, you already know that I'm crazy with Udo Dirkschneider voice, but in The Dawn Of The Gods he is fabulous! Pure Heavy Metal Force!
Dancing With An Angel is a power ballad that features a duet with Doro Pesch (Warlock) this vocal beauty and beast combination has an amazingly melodic outcome. Stefan Kaufmann shows once again in Silent Cry, that except of being an excellent drummer, he is also an amazing guitar player (as good as my beloved Wolf Hoffmann), plus he works perfectly with Igor Gianola. Network Nightmare is the headbanger's paradise, full of power, strength and blast! Hard To Be Honest is in the vain of Accept's Heaven Is Hell.
Like A Lion is a special song for two reasons, the one is his prideful lyrics, the other is Lorenzo Milani's drumming which makes my skin crawl. Black Heart is another classic with the usual gang vocals and the ripping guitar playing. The laying back but heavy Unknown Traveler closes the album in an epic-wandering way and makes me fall in love with Fitty Wienhold's tough bass playing.
U.D.O. is a steady value, they have never disappointed their fans! If you want a solid respectful powerful true metal album then Man And Machine is made for you!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Man And Machine" Track-listing:

Man And Machine
Private Eye
Animal Instinct
The Dawn Of The Gods
Dancing With An Angel
Silent Cry
Network Nightmare
Hard To Be Honest
Like A Lion
Black Heart
Unknown Traveler

U.D.O. Lineup:

Udo Dirkschneider - vocals
Stefan Kaufmann - guitar
Igor Gianola - guitar
Fitty Wienhold - bass
Lorenzo Milani - drums

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