Live From Russia


I consider myself extremely lucky for having seen Accept twice (1993/1994) and U.D.O. once (1998. […]
By Dimitra Zertopouli
February 28, 2002
U.D.O. - Live From Russia album cover

I consider myself extremely lucky for having seen Accept twice (1993/1994) and U.D.O. once (1998. Mr. Udo, please come again to Greece, you know we love you, don't you?). I consider those live performances (along with the Saxon ones) the best I have ever been to.
These people doesn't simply perform live, the teach how metal should be played. So, how can someone make a review on a live album made from the Metal Masters? To cut things short, if you have experienced an U.D.O. live, don't waste your time on reading this review, you know what those guys can do, go buy the album!!!
Live From Russia is the first U.D.O. live album and contains almost two and a half hours of pure Metal that was recorded in May of 2001 at the end of the Holy World Tour. The band that exists since 1988 and has it's roots in the greatest German metal band ever, Accept, has plenty of material to include in a live performance. Udo Dirkschneider, Stefan Kaufmann and their gang have so many monumental songs, that it is almost impossible to come up with a set-list that will represent every step of their career. Well, this live album accomplishes the impossible! I have never seen a more balanced and yet unique set. It contains songs from every U.D.O. album and almost every Accept one. The amazing part is that none of these Accept songs is ever included to an official live release! As for those who are whining that songs like Fast as a Shark and Balls to the Wall are missing, well they should listen to the Staying A Life and All Areas - Worldwide instead, this is an U.D.O. live album after all.
The sound of this albums is so perfect that it makes you wonder if it's real. Well, I bet it is, since U.D.O. are well known for being true to their fans. Interesting to note that Udo's brother, Peter Dirkschneider (Vanize), recorded the album. Udo Dirkschneider screams his heart out once again, giving the chills to the audience (My respects to the only performer who managed to make me cry out of joy in a live!). An audience that is obviously having the time of it's life and creates a great atmosphere. Stefan Kaufmann, the drummer with the amazing guitar playing, provides us with heart melting solos and ripping riffs and cooperates perfectly with Igor Gianola. The band is so tied that it gives us the feeling, that they are together since the beginning of time (Please, allow me to express my admiration to the rhythm section, Fitty Wienhold and Lorenzo Milani). As for the CD, it is out on an attractive book-style packaging that contains some great pictures that indicates properly the atmosphere of the live.
Live From Russia can be a great start for metal fans that aren't familiar with U.D.O.'s music. Yet, it's also fabulous for those that already appreciate it and want to rejoice in live performances of some more Accept tunes. U.D.O. is probably the last alive definition of the word Heavy Metal. Listen And Learn!
The table bellow shows:
a. How balanced the choice of the songs is.
b. There are songs representing all U.D.O albums, while only 4 Accept albums were left out: Accept, Restless And Wild, Eat The Heat (that had David Reece on vocals) and Predator.
c. How crazy I am about Accept and U.D.O.

      ACCEPT      U.D.O.            ALBUM      SONG        ALBUM      SONG            I'm A Rebel (1980)    I'm A Rebel      Animal House (1988)    Animal House
They Want War
In The Darkness          Breaker (1981)    Run If You Can
Midnight Highway      Mean Machine (1989)    Break The Rules          Balls To The Wall (1983)    Turn Me On
Winterdreams      Faceless World (1990)    Heart Of Gold
Living On A Frontline          Metal Heart (1985)    Midnight Mover      Timebomb (1991)    Metal Eater          Russian Roulette (1986)    T.V. War
Monster Man
Heaven Is Hell      Solid (1997)    Independence Day          Objection Overruled (1993)    Protectors Of Terror      No Limits (1999)    No Limits            Death Row (1994)    Like A Loaded Gun      Holy (1999)    Holy
Raiders Of Beyond
Shout It Out
Recall The Sin
Cut Me Out          Notice: None of the above Accept songs has been included to an official live release before!
  [Kaizoku-Ban(1985), Staying A Life(1990), All Areas - Worldwide(1997)]      

10 / 10


"Live From Russia" Track-listing:

Disc 1

Raiders Of Beyond
Midnight Mover
Independence Day
Metal Eater
Protectors Of Terror
Animal House
Turn Me On
Drum Solo
T.V. War
No Limits
Run If You Can
In The Darkness

Disc 2

Like A Loaded Gun
Recall The Sin
Break The Rules
Mignight Highway
Heaven Is Hell
Monster Man
Living On A Frontline
Heart Of Gold
Shout It Out
Cut Me Out
I'm A Rebel
They Want War

U.D.O. Lineup:

Udo Dirkschneider - vocals
Stefan Kaufmann - guitar
Igor Gianola - guitar
Fitty Wienhold - bass
Lorenzo Milani - drums

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