Weight of Oblivion

Tyrant Disciple

So, TYRANT DISCIPLE are a band I haven't heard of until reviewing until this album. […]
By Logan Newbanks
October 14, 2018
Tyrant Disciple - Weight of Oblivion album cover

So, TYRANT DISCIPLE are a band I haven't heard of until reviewing until this album. What kind of surprises me is that these guys have been out since 2004 and this is their first full length. They definitely sound like a seasoned band that has found their sound. I'm not really sure what all has happened in their history other than by their discography. I kind of wonder if maybe a fresh lineup change has revived these guys. Either way, If you are in the mood for death-y thrash metal, you should have a good time with "Weight Of Oblivion."

Nothing here is really breaking the mold but that's not really the point. What this album offers is almost 40 minutes of badass grooves perfect for the moshpit, the gym, etc. On "Weight Of Oblivion," TYRANT DISCIPLE demonstrate they understand how the groove works. In songs like the title track, they do a fantastic job of changing the tempo to make what would be a boring song stay ferocious from beginning to end.

As per most heavy bands from Finland, The band's sound is fucking crisp as a fresh dollar bill with fantastic drumming and great crushing guitar tone. Songs like "Bringer Of Rain" have savage double bass blasts that hit just right with solos that accentuate the songs instead of try to stand on their own. It's important for each piece of the song to compliment each other. The one area this albums suffers is in lyrics. They're not bad, just kind of ok. If anything they're kind of like something I would've written in my 20's. Just kind of typical thrash/ death lyrics. It's really a super minor gripe too.

Overall: A really solid effort from a band that has been around for a while but at the same time is kind of new as this is their first full length. Fits great in your gym playlist with THE CROWN, HATESPHERE, ETC. Crisp, Fast, Angry.

7 / 10









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"Weight of Oblivion" Track-listing:

1. The Great Dead One
2. Waste
3. Weight of Oblivion
4. Cancer
5. Blood Countess
6. Peace of Violence
7. Long Lives the King
8. Eternal Burn
9. Bringer of Rain
10. Funeral Veil

Tyrant Disciple Lineup:

Sami Risku - Vocals
Stefan Laine -  Bass
Kari Lehtinen - Guitars
Jussi Samppala - Drums

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