Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown

Having toured with a few legends of rock (AC/DC and ZZ TOP, to name a […]
By Jordan Rogers
December 14, 2020
Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown - Pressure album cover

Having toured with a few legends of rock (AC/DC and ZZ TOP, to name a couple) TYLER BRYANT AND THE SHAKEDOWN sure seem to have a name that they need to uphold, and that is of a rock band that thrives on the power of rock to help change a nation. Within the album "Pressure", there is much to be listened for and heard within the lyrics that are powerful. This group truly put down a spectacle of music that needs to be heard, a couple times, to truly be appreciated for what it is. After you have read about me describing some of this album, why don't you give it a shot for yourself and see if it moves you in any particular sort of way?

Opening this album is the song "Pressure", and it sure is a great way to start off this listening experience. It is nice and fast paced, with a tone of heaviness throughout. There is just enough pressure in the lyrics to make them stand out. Amidst the sounds that this track allows to travel through your speakers, you will find a powerful guitar solo that you would be hard pressed to not find some enjoyment from! Great music will always lead to more great music, so let's follow the tracks on down the list.

There, we arrive at the track titled "Backbone". This track fits right in with the alternative and unique sounds that you will come across throughout this album. It's a little reminiscent of the past, but with a new age sound that is used to draw out much of the power within this song. The powerful message behind the lyrics shows just how much thought and time the artists put into the making of this album. It is art in its purest form.

"Loner" is the eleventh song on this album and it is quite an emotional roller coaster. Softness that we all need from time to time will draw you in, holding you in places that you didn't know you needed held. Music has the power to inspire and change lives is just what you will find while listening to this song. It touches on the many lovely parts of being a loner, with a very slow and peaceful background. It has the potential to change your life, or at the very least, entertain you for a little while. This album needs to be heard, simple as that. Go listen to it and I hope you will be pleased.

10 / 10









"Pressure" Track-listing:

1. Pressure
2. Hitchhiker
3. Crazy Days
4. Backbone
5. Holdin' My Breath
6. Like The Old Me
7. Automatic
8. Wildside
9. Misery
10. Fuel
11. Loner
12. Fever
13. Coastin'

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown Lineup:

Tyler Bryant - Lead guitar & Vocals
Graham Whitford - Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Fitzgerald - Bass
Caleb Crosby - Drums

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