Visions Of Freedom

Twilight Zone

TWILIGHT ZONE  was formed in Italy in 1993 by a completely different group of musicians […]
By Michael Pataky
February 19, 2023
Twilight Zone - Visions Of Freedom album cover

TWILIGHT ZONE  was formed in Italy in 1993 by a completely different group of musicians and released a few demos.  In 2003, Fabio Bertini joined (guitar) joined Francesco Bovecchi (bass), who had been in the band since 1999.  They released one demo and played some live shows. In 2011, the drummer left, so Francesco Bovecchi assumed the drums and they added Stefano Giusti (bass), and continued as a trio. All the members have played in many different European bands. In 2012, Val Shieldon (vocals) joined and the band started working on their first album titled "... The Beginning". Now after ten years, their second album titled "Visions Of Freedom" was released in November 2022 via Diamonds Prod .

"Nemisis" the album starts with a haunting keyboard and acoustic guitar, and moves into an anthemic finish for this instrumental. "The laws of denial" continues from the prior song with a very fast paced power metal song. Several different styles of vocals, which are a continuous theme on the album, are unleashed. Some of the guitar solos are blistering fast.  "Freedom on my skin" the song sounds with a drum beat and a guitar played through a vintage amp and moves into a mid-tempo rocker.  The feel is a more vintage metal sound with good guitar solos. "In the eye of the biggest storm" another song that starts with an acoustic guitar, that progresses into another power metal song with some tempo changes. The keyboards compliment the other instruments.  "Run but can't hide"  another more straight forward classic metal rocker. This is one of the better songs on the album.

"Reminiscence" starts with a more classical guitar and ballad type lyrics and then adds background vocals and orchestration and returns to guitar and vocals to finish. "Soul Reaper" is a slow song with melodic guitar solos. The song speeds up midway, and adds some nice dueling guitars.  "Cloudwork" starts with a doomy bass and drum intro and proceeds to a slower keyboard and vocal dominated song that sounds theatrical.  "Vision" is another medium paced rocker with a lot of double bass drum, steady guitar riffs, and melodic guitar solos. "Warmongers" is another classic metal type song with a 70's feel due to the addition of the hammond organ and traditional guitar solos.

"Visions Of Freedom" is the first release by  TWILIGHT ZONE in almost 10 years. All of the musicians are top notch, and the production is first rate. They cover many different styles of metal. New vocalist, Val Shieldon, exhibits many different styles of vocals. Some work better than others.  Hopefully, in the future they will have a more consistent vocal style. This is a good start after not releasing an album in years.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Visions Of Freedom" Track-listing:

1. Nemesis
2. The Laws Of Denial
3. Freedom On My Skin
4. In The Eye Of The Biggest Storm
5. Run But Can't hide
6. Reminiscence
7. Soul Reaper
8. Cloudwork
9. Vision
10. Warmongers

Twilight Zone Lineup:

Val Shieldon - Vocals
Fabio "Lord Kain" Bertini - Guitars/ Backing Vocals/Keyboards
Stefano Giusti - Bass/Backing Vocals
Francesco Bovecchi - Drums

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