Born Undivine


Spain is one of those countries that still spawn lots of traditional / Power Metal […]
By Michael Dalakos
March 12, 2006
Twilight - Born Undivine album cover

Spain is one of those countries that still spawn lots of traditional / Power Metal bands. In their majority they are damn good - only problem is that they usually choose to sing in their native language which is not a crime but definitely puts a barrier in their effort to spread outside their country.
Twilight kick ass plus they sing in English so I understand the words coming out of the mouth of their singer (that tagline sounds familiar). Twilight is not a new band; their debut Legend was released back in 1998 (if I recall correctly it was a good album - I must have it somewhere around here). Again they released a one track Demo back in 2001 titled Land Of Dreamlike Visions.
Born Undivine is what I like to call damn good ol' classic Metal. It's one of these albums that a fan of the genre will never get bored while listening to it. It has all the right elements: lots of variations in tempos, bombastic refrains, riffs often flirting with Running Wild / Iron Maiden / Folk Elements and a really good vocalist. The production is also exceptional. I couldn't find a song in here making me wanna press the next button. This album has something that grabs you by the neck and makes you headbang throughout its entire duration. Strongly recommended to fans of Metal music.
- Album Highlights: Forgotten Heroes, Blood Of Gaia and Legend.

8 / 10


"Born Undivine" Track-listing:

Dawn of the Victors (Intro)
Forgotten Heroes
Land of Dreamlike Visions
Blood of Gaia
Legend (Instrumental)
The Court of the Fallen
When Misery Leaves
Born Undivine

Twilight Lineup:

Fran Da Conceicao - Vocals
Edu Mota - Guitar
Alberto Manceras - Guitar
Carlos Lamarca - Bass
Jos? Carlos Mota - Drums

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