A Finnish Summer With Turisas (DVD)


It is kind of strange to release a DVD for a band that only counts […]
By Dimitris Kontogeorgakos
October 26, 2008
Turisas - A Finnish Summer With Turisas album cover

It is kind of strange to release a DVD for a band that only counts two full length albums but in the case of TURISAS this is ok. This strange music act have managed to gain significant publicity with The Varagian Way and their insane BONHAM cover Rasputin. so, Century Media records is about to release a DVD with the catchy title A Finnish Summer With Turisas.
Literally the DVD follows the band during this summer where TURISAS played almost everywhere. The DVD's setlist comprises songs recorded live in selected performances. So. you can really small stages with not more than 200 people and larger ones with the classic festival audience. Of course the filming direction and conditions (lights and sound) varies taking into account the different staging circumstances. Generally, there is the raw live feeling that TURISAS have on their performances; I mean this band can really rock and raise a dancing feeling even in the most 'difficult' crowds. I have the chance to take a taste of their on-stage full of energy atmosphere in their recent 'Paganfest' performance in the US.
The filming of the DVD took place during the mid-summer season in Finland and that practically means no night time so the light show is of limited use. Nevertheless, all the songs are full of energy and Finnish Metal spirit making you think of moving to this Scandinavian country during summertime. The definite highlight of the live recordings in Rasputin because it is really cool to watch a Metal mosh-pit under these disco tunes. You have to watch these crazy Finnish metalheads dancing their asses off under the old time classic 80s disco tune.
the bonus material features a very interesting documentary the captures the bands off-stage activities between the live shows. Among the not so serious stuff there is an interesting part about the Finnish traditions during the celebration for mid summer. Indeed, the band introduces the Finnish and pagan ways to celebrate the day that the sun never sets. The rest of the bonus material is the Rasputin video clip and the 'bloopers' section filled with silly stuff. The English subtitles are a useful addition since by Finnish are in a primitive stage...
So, this is the perfect TURISAS documentary that gives an in-depth sight of this band and proves for one more time that Finland is a genuine Metal country.

8 / 10


"A Finnish Summer With Turisas (DVD)" Track-listing:

As Torches Rise (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
To Holmgard And Beyond (Live at Nummirock 2008)
A Portage To The Unknown (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
The Messenger (Live at Wanaja Festival 2008)
One More (Live at Nummirock 2008)
In The Court Of Jarisleif (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
Fields of Gold (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
The Dnieper Rapids (Live at Nummirock 2008)
The Land of Hope And Glory (Live at Voimasointu Festival 2008)
Miklagard Overture (Live at Nummirock 2008)
Sahti-Waari (Live at Ilosaarirock 2008)
Rasputin (Live at Ruisrock 2008)
Battle Metal (Live at Nummirock 2008)

Turisas Lineup:

Warlord Nygard - Vocals, Recorders, Programming, Additional Percussion
Jussi Wickstrom - Guitar, Bass
Tude Lehtonen - Drums, Percussion
Antti Ventola - Keyboards
Georg Laakso - Guitar

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