Haunted Funeral Creations


From their EPK, "Behold, the unholy force of TUMULATION, the Californian Death/Doom purveyors who summon […]
Tumulation - Haunted Funeral Creations album cover

From their EPK, "Behold, the unholy force of TUMULATION, the Californian Death/Doom purveyors who summon forth a massive wall of down tuned filth. Embracing the swampy early 90's Death/Doom Metal, "Haunted Funeral Creations" exudes a malevolent aura of aggression and anger, saturating every pore with this infernal atmosphere." The album has four songs. "Emergent Chaos Spirals" is first. Talk about deep and dark...this is about as far as you can go on both fronts. There are also some atmospheres created here as well, but the song is over before you know it. "Shattered Under the Eclipse" has a similar sound. It's primitive Death Metal for the most part, with some Doom elements thrown in. Take yourself back to the time that this music was being forged, and this is that sound encapsulated. "Astral Sickness" has slow, "end of the world" type grind to it. It eventually picks up a bit, then slows again. This kind of push and pull would be akin to someone who has this type of sickness...roving through bouts of sleep and other time when the body is trying to actively fight.

"Rorschach" closes the album. Cold winds open with eerie spoken words, and you instinctively close your eyes at the sights. A chaotic sound ensues, and there are some minor timing issues every now and again, but that lets you know that the music is real. Overall, this was a deep and filthy slab of early Death and Doom Metal that is unfiltered, and comes from the heart. Although the sound is primitive, you can hear the band's honest and genuine riffs, thunderous drumming and bass work, and nasty, filthy vocals. The production could use clearing up a bit, but it fits in with the sound well.

7 / 10









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"Haunted Funeral Creations" Track-listing:

1. Emergent Chaos Spirals
2. Shattered Under the Eclipse
3. Astral Sickness
4. Rorschach  

Tumulation Lineup:

WS - Drums
FS - Guitars, Bass
IM - Guitars, Vocals

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