From Bandcamp, "TSJUDER is back with a brand-new full-length opus for the first time since […]
Tsjuder - Helvegr album cover

From Bandcamp, "TSJUDER is back with a brand-new full-length opus for the first time since 2015. Featuring a renewed line-up with drum master Jon "The Charn" Rice holding down the throne, "Helvegr" is an authentic display of the True Norwegian Black Metal sound that TSJUDER helped define in the 90s. With this blistering aural assault, the band is certain to conquer 2023 with blasphemy and blast beats." The album has nine songs.

"Iron Beast" is the first. Out of the gates, it is reminiscent of the FWOBM. There is a wall of guitars, vocal screams, and blast beat drums. The number one problem with this level of intensity is just that...it gives the listener very little room to breathe. "Prestehammeren" begins with a slower, and more harrowing sound that soon gives way to absolute chaos. There isn't much difference between this song and the first one. "Surtr" opens with another slow, and frightening sound. The good news is that they create this landcape pretty well. The bad news is that after only three songs, there isn't much of a distinction on the album.

"Gamle-Erik" is another intense offering, and I fail to see the point of beating the listener over the head again and again. "Chaos Fiend" sounds so much like the previous track that it might as well be a continuation of it. "Gods of Black Blood" was the video that was released on the album. Again, it sound so much like the other songs that it is nearly indistinguishable. For the life of me, I will never understands bands who do this. Cut the album with a slower, and more moody track or two. The title track is a beastly seven-and-a-half minutes. It seems as though my wishes for a slower song came true, because this is a slow, and dismembering drive.

Overall, while the intensity of the album can be underscored, it is an album where every song had a similar sound, and it sounded way too much like the Black Metal of our forefathers. The band is not without talent, but much of it was wasted for the sake of utter chaos.

5 / 10









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"Helvegr" Track-listing:

1. Iron Beast
2. Prestehammeren
3. Surtr
4. Gamle-Erik
5. Chaos Fiend
6. Gods of Black Blood
7. Helvegr
8. Faenskap og Død
9. Hvit Død

Tsjuder Lineup:

Nag - Bass & Vocals
Draugluin - Guitars & Vocals
Jon Rice - Drums

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