Night of the Whispering Souls


It seems that one-man projects are now more a common thing in the black metal […]
By Jorge Zamudio
July 15, 2019
Tryglav - Night of the Whispering Souls album cover

It seems that one-man projects are now more a common thing in the black metal world, than they've been. Probably it's because sometimes it's more comfortable, and maybe even easier to  do it solitary. Especially when the creative process lies in one person than in a whole group. It also seems that in Black Metal  the solitary approach works exceptionally well. There are countless examples but the thing is, these bands, are usually pretty unknown and therefore we lose an opportunity to listen to something really exceptional. So, with that said, don't let that happen with TRYGLAV.

TRYGLAV is from Croatia, which is a country that I am not all that familiar with in the metal world. TRYGLAV is a project that started around 2018 and one that has continued to evolve. Straight up, the aggressiveness content in each song is nothing short of awesome. The thing that I like the most is that Behara keeps this "mystical" thing throughout his project. He has  other musicians help him perform live presentations, but no one knows exactly who they are. This kind of "occultism" and mystery is something that I love, and this guy been doing it for a while. Specifically, even before GHOST.

The first song "Under My Skin" starts ravishing, and relentless; destroying everything with it's crushing sound. This song gives no chance to catch ones breath nor to rest. It starts so fast, that before you've realized it, the song has ended.

"Night of the Whispering Souls" is exceptionally fast too, with some vocals from hell. The bass lines are consistent, and the tempo kept by the drums is just perfect, constant,  and basically out of this world. This title track is the one exposed to the world, and this was an accurate choice, over 5 minutes of pure unleashed hell.

"Deadline" starts slowly, with a classic rock drum feel, then adding the guitar in order to maintain the structure of the song. Finally, those vocals break the song, mid-tempo, yes, but that doesn't mean less aggressive, nor is the solo, which is simple, but catchy. I guarantee you'll really like this song, though you'll probably need a couple of listens to convince yourself.

"Evil Dead" returns to the fast pace, and I think it has a bit of a thrash feel, kinda  like SODOM. Basically, no rest till the end. I loved the riff of this song, and I have a feeling that you will love it too.

"Creature of the Night" has a distinctive SATYRICON influence all over it, mid-tempo, and mid SATYRICON too. (hehe) It sounds amazing for a black metal modern song, with catchy lyrics, catchy riffs, and a consistency that I really loved.

The other tracks are probably best described as influenced by those that have come before, but I do recommend checking them out for yourself. The thing is that, this album was a nice surprise. I didn't think I was going to find something so good, because I thought at the beginning of the album that this album relies too heavily on black metal clichés. But what can I say? I do love clichés, and this bands makes good use of them, from the album cover to their final note, black metal is in the house.

8 / 10









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"Night of the Whispering Souls" Track-listing:

1. Under My Skin
2. Night of the Whispering Souls
3. Deadline
4. Evil Dead
5. Creature of the Night
6. Werewolf
7. Beyond the Limit

Tryglav Lineup:

Boris Behara - Everything

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