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Truth Decayed

From KwaZulu-Natal, displaying a classic trash style with a South African taste is what TRUTH […]
July 22, 2023
Truth Decayed - Faded Visions II album cover

From KwaZulu-Natal, displaying a classic trash style with a South African taste is what TRUTH DECAYED brings to  the table with their latest release Faded Visions II. With all band members as main composers, the album has 4 solid tunes with good ideas and some obvious inspirations from the 80s and 90s thrash bands with elements of doom and even the good old traditional heavy metal.  Very hard to be original these days in a style so well known by metalheads around the world. However, the band is capable of producing good heavy tunes within their style with competent musicianship and interesting variations of tempo and melodies. Guitar players Reno Theron and Warren Jones have distinct styles on solos between shreds and melodic bringing an extra sauce to the South African recipe. Reno also takes care of the vocals with a solid growling style. With the secure pillars of Renz Kruger on bass and Daniel Philogene on drums the band is a nice addition from the African continent to the world metal scene.

With a good intro, "A Separate Reality" starts with powerful guitars and vocals that are reminiscent of Power Trip and Cancer Bats to my ears. The main riff stays in your mind and there are a couple of tempo changes where the song slows down for a few seconds of guitar dexterity and vocal uprise. I believe the bass may be a little low in the mix. I know how hard it is to make the bass rings with songs tuned so low, but please do not go Master of Puppets on me. The bass could shine a little more. I also had the impression that some guitar solos are also low on the mix. The lyrics describe the mind experiencing an alternate reality like a never ending nightmare where all your senses are put to the test.

"Death by design" starts with a crescendo introduction riff Pantera style with machine gun drum bass all over the song and good riffs throughout.  A welcome small classic metal interlude in the middle that reminded me of Iron Maiden slightly . First solo is also low in the mix I thought. This unevenness can be fixed in further mixes. The lyrics talk about physical and mental struggle leading you to a place that is about... 7 feet under. You are running out of time! warns Reno. With a fast paced introduction and long ripping screams, "Vicious Circles" ( Featuring Ebony Aberdein from THEATRE RUNS RED) introduces itself with a punch. Another well made trash tune flirting with some heavy metal. It has all the ingredients of the classic styles and the band shows that the impact  and the influence of heavy music is present in every continent. The band did their homework and the output is familiar despite coming from a non-traditional metal producing country. The first solo is low in the mix again. Am I getting deaf ?(yes). Let me try to change the headphones. I felt that the song also has a sudden and a little bit awkward ending.

Another good riff in "Narcissist" that concludes the album. The production of all songs can be improved  and I'm sure it will get better as the band progresses. However I felt  2 cuts in the mix very apparent on this tune. Adding parts of separate recording sessions to a master is pretty normal. The majority of instruments are recorded separately and joined in the mix, but the stitching has to be perfect. The voice on this particular song seems to be a little disconnected with the rest of the mix as well despite the good performance. The album has to give the sensation that everybody is at the studio playing together (despite not being the case).Still, I believe this is the best tune of the album.

A traditional trash band that read the recipe book of Pantera, Exodus, Testament, Slayer and many others. All influences are clearly felt in the album. Good growling vocals in a medium to high registration with no guttural. Solid guitar work with the bass a little hidden in the mix for my taste. Great drums with the double bass drum right at your face. The band goes over all the standards of trash metal and executes them very well. It will definitely please the fans of the genre. However it lacks originality in my opinion and I do not blame them as this is one of the hardest things to accomplish. Always try to bring something new to the table otherwise you get lost in the sea of trash metal bands. A definitive step up from the previous work, the also worth checking Faded Visions I from 2022.

5 / 10









"Faded Visions II" Track-listing:

1. A Separate Reality
2. Death by design
3. Vicious Circles
4. Narcissist

Truth Decayed Lineup:

Ryno Theron - Vocals & Guitar
Warren Jones - Guitar
Daniel Philogene - Drums
Renz Kruger - Bass

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