Simple Mind Condition


At last! I was fucking tired of waiting for this album. I don't know if […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 21, 2007
Trouble - Simple Mind Condition album cover

At last! I was fucking tired of waiting for this album. I don't know if it is good or not, that is something I will comment later. The fact now is that TROUBLE are back after twelve whole years! One of the best Doom bands ever returns with a brand new album! Great work by experienced musicians, pointless move for some money or something well organized by the label? We will see that below.

TROUBLE is a pretty old band since it was formed back in 1979. The band comes from Chicago, Illinois. TROUBLE was the first band that dared to take SABBATH's doomy sound and move it much forward. Having released some demos in the early 80's, they released their debut album Psalm 9 in 1984. Their first albums were 100% Doom Metal and the lyrics had to do with Christianity. Later, the band left its past behind and moved on to a more Stoner sound and a more psychedelic lyrical approach. They released two great albums with their brand new sound, Manic Frustration in 1992 and Plastic Green Head in 1995. Some best of compilations and a DVD followed.

Nothing more than silence for twelve years until the band decided to release this album entitled Simple Mind Condition. When I got this album, I really didn't know what to expect. Although I am a great fan of TROUBLE, my eyes have seen many pointless efforts of dead bands. I though I would never see TROUBLE rocking again, but it seems I was wrong. Simple Mind Condition starts as a TROUBLE album should start. With a riff that is groovy as hell! The best moment is when Wagner's voice enters the musical pandemonium! His vocal abilities are high and mighty as they used to be! In my humble opinion, this guy has the most psychotic voice Doom/Stoner Metal has ever seen (or listened)! I want to make something clear to all those who don't know the band. This album is NOT something you can't even imagine or something groundbreaking for the Metal scene. It is exactly what fans of this band should expect, a groovy album that balances between earth and heaven (or hell). This album is the classic example that when you listen to it, you catch yourself smoothly banging you head along with Robinson's and Olson's incredible rhythm section. The guitars are fucking heavy and I admit that if I don't stop right now I will continue praising TROUBLE's brand new masterpiece! It seems that after twelve years on the strawberry skies, the band came down to continue what it left undone. After so many years, nothing has changed. The passion, the energy and the incredible riffing remains the same!

Thank god that TROUBLE are back. This scene has not many great things to deliver to the audience and this band is something more than a good addition. Heavy, Doom, Stoner, Hard Rock fans, be sure to get this album immediately. Welcome back TROUBLE, we missed you!

PS: You have to see their new photos, totally Sabbathic!!!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Simple Mind Condition" Track-listing:

Goin' Home
Pictures Of Life
After The Rain
Trouble Maker
Arthur Brown's Whiskey Bar
Simple Mind Condition
Ride The Sky
If I Only Had A Reason
The Beginning Of Sorrows

Trouble Lineup:

Eric Wagner - Vocals
Bruce Franklin - Guitar
Rick Wartell - Guitar
Chuck Robinson - Bass
Jeff Olson - Drums

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