Legend Master


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TROLL; signed via Shadow Kingdom Records, hailing […]
March 29, 2019
Troll - Legend Master album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: TROLL; signed via Shadow Kingdom Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Stoner/Doom Metal, on their 2nd album entitled: "Legend Master" (released April 12, 2019).

Since formation in 2015; the quartet in question have a Demo, and 2 Full-Length Albums in their discography so far; I am introduced to their 2nd album entitled: "Legend Master", 5 tracks ranging at around 51:09; TROLL arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Stoner/Doom Metal amalgamations. Developing fuzzy gnarliness; as "The Flight Of The Dragonship" begins the record, conveying amplified attributes of adroitly composed components in which demonstrate crunchy instrumentation and flamboyant finesse. Hardened hymns fuelled with ambience, atmosphere and hasty adrenaline while injecting infectiously detailed wonders of ponderous persistency - ultilizing versatile vehemence with vastly salubrious melodies of meticulous results.

Consisting of Rainbo on vocals; the frontman consistently engages on clean, high-pitched pipes of profusely robust ramifications - raw screams and solid yells that supply organic substance and proficient performances. "Legend Master, Book I: Proverbs Of Hell" experiment blistering barrages of frenzied guitar fabrications from Lou VanLanning; chugging, galloping and balancing chaotic complexities with dexterity infused mayhem. Flaired with fluidly polished sound production memorability; original songwriting stability, rapidly swift nimbleness and progressively technical thunder that provide relentless soundscapes and tempos for immersive creativity. Dominated into constructively distinguishable characteristics in which craft diversely inventive dynamics, executed with excelling efficiency and contrast.

The next song: "Legend Master, Book II: Three Evil Words" examines conceptual elements; implementing audibly bassy haste from Wayne Boucher, who thumps with shrieking savagery, and pounding slams with mid-tempo techniques that transistions with pursuited onslaughts of stampeding remorse. Embellishing on a grandiose grandure of distorted distinctions; culminated into orchestral havoc, harmonious melodies and assorted distributions of concretely gritty aesthetics and gnarly efficaciousness. "The Door" enters into killer domain's of behemothly monstrous malignance; transcending into razor-sharp territory providing sinister seamlessness, sonic systematics and remarkable skill. Converged with chilled anthems of doomy ballad-esquire musicalities, that is embarked with quintessential quakes of proficient momentums.

Powerhouse drummer Ryan Koger also administers crushing pummeling quirkiness; rhythmic rellishments, and profound manifestos of phenomenal prodigious. Overall concluding "Legend Master" with the finale track: "Building My Temple"; immersed with striking storytelling, melodramatic melancholy and frantic flair - intensified into submersive subjugation and marvellously calming essentials of Stoner/Doom Metal sub-genre integrations. The borderline foundation here is loaded with punchline lacerations of prestigous musicianship; shined on with precise prominence, and a glorious homage of primitively progressive technicalites. Bottom line; I discovered another interesting band who certainly outdone themselves with this one, TROLLare definitely worth the time - for all Stoner/Doom Metal fans alike.

8 / 10









"Legend Master" Track-listing:

1. The Flight of the Dragonship
2. Legend Master, Book I: Proverbs of Hell
3. Legend Master, Book II: Three Evil Words
4. The Door
5. Building My Temple

Troll Lineup:

Wayne Boucher- Bass
Ryan Koger- Drums
Lou VanLanning- Guitars
Rainbo- Vocals

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