Silence In The Snow


A band that doesn't need an introduction in the Metal community is Orlando based TRIVIUM; […]
By Lotty Whittingham
October 14, 2015
Trivium - Silence In The Snow album cover

A band that doesn't need an introduction in the Metal community is Orlando based TRIVIUM; even for those who aren't familiar with their sounds or antics should still be able to at least hear the name TRIVIUM at some point during their time loving Rock and Metal music. They bring you their nineteenth studio album "Silence In The Snow" and from what can be seen on the Internet it's been getting a mixed reception from critics and a fairly negative reaction from fans.

As someone who isn't too familiar with TRIVIUM's music it is interesting to delve in deeper and find out why fans don't think this stands out among the rest of their multiple releases over the years. After having listened again to some previous material there is a significant difference between their previous materials showcased on "The Crusade" nearly released a decade ago. So have Trivium gone soft?

Musically it produces a rather fantastic selection of Hard Rock melodies with memorable choruses that often remind me of their Chicago based brothers DISTURBED; particularly in their song "Dead And Gone" there some elements of that sort of sound within the music. There also appears to be LINKIN PARK type vibes in "Until The World Is Gone". It is also very well put together and the tracks seem to flow nicely into the next one.
However there is that element that doesn't particularly spark excitement or joy when listening yet it doesn't envoke rage or anger, this album definitely sits in the middle. Maybe great to listen to on an average day when things are going the usual way since this doesn't seem to provoke any sort of emotion.

Overall conconclusion? Not an exciting or outstanding masterpiece yet it's tolerable to listen to, understand that this is a personal opinion that you are free to agree with or disagree with.

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Silence In The Snow" Track-listing:

1. Snøfall
2. Silence In The Snow
3. Blind Leading The Blind
4. Dead And Gone
5. The Ghost That's Haunting You
6. Pull Me From The Void
7. Until The World Goes Cold
8. Rise Above The Tides
9. The Thing That's Killing Me
10. Beneath The Sun
11. Breathe In The Flames

Trivium Lineup:

Matt Heafy  - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Corey Beaulieu - Guitars, Vocals
Paolo Gregoleeto - Bass, Vocals
Mat Madiro - Drums

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