Triverse Massacre

Founded in 2010 Carlisle UK's Groove Death Metal band TRIVERSE MASSACRE re-released their E.P. "Hades" […]
By Kayla Hutton
April 9, 2018
Triverse Massacre - Hades album cover

Founded in 2010 Carlisle UK's Groove Death Metal band TRIVERSE MASSACRE re-released their E.P. "Hades" through Sliptrick Records. While they may be a new name to some TRIVERSE MASSACRE has been pounding the pavement and playing anywhere that welcomes them in order to make a name for themselves. Making appearances at Bloodstock and Hammerfest they more than deserve to share stages with the legends, as someday they may become one. They do have 2 independently released E.P 's, "With bare teeth and truths"(2014) and "In the jaws of deceit"(2012). Similar to AMORPHIS's concept albums, TRIVERSE MASSACRE put some thought into this release as they have written five tracks around the five rivers that then make of the E.P.'s title "Hades."

Let's get this started with the cinematic dramatic opener "Cocytus". While most that attempt the atmospheric intro end up with a cheesy sounding intro for a movie like Braveheart, TRIVERSE MASSACRE has done a great job of sparking interest to continue listening. Filler riffs similar to SLAYER "Seasons in the Abyss", a melodic lead, double bass, proper use of a china cymbal and a deep throaty spoken vocal. Doing more than just keyboards for an intro "Cocytus" is like a dick tease to the rest of the E.P.

That being said, my standards are now pretty high on what I expect them to deliver. "Styx" comes in next with low growled vocals and as the pit ready rhythm kicks in I found myself not only drinking from my red solo cup but tearing into with my teeth. Very impressive is the insertion of blast beats that are not over saturated. There is a lot of groove and subtle melodic overtones and yet TRIVERSE MASSACRE remains a brutal force to be reckoned with. Liam has a diverse vocal style that doesn't simply focus on one tone nor has the bipolar guttural lows mirrored with screeching highs.

Finishing out the E.P. is "Phlegethon." Displaying the bands dynamic and ability to start and finish strong. With a guitar riff that fans of Lamb of God will appreciate, "Phlegethon" is polished with "in the pocket" grooves that transition into an open pit invitation and closes out with a great stomping to intricately picked triplets that are accompanied by the pounding double bass kick. My only gripe is when the track ended. Abruptly. Ya mean, that's it? Is it over? Just like the intro, "Hades" is like going to a strip club, when ya want more the set is over. Good marketing though as it ensures an encore, and leaves you feeling like a drug addict craving another fix.

The strongest aspect of "Hades" is that it's so rhythmically tight. The production value is excellent and it passed my car test. Rumbling my subwoofer, crisp enough to decipher the lyrics through my tweeters and never once was there just a wall of noise. "Hades" is the antidote for every monotonous album that drones on with each track sounding like the one prior. You can feel the energy throughout and they have a sound that is highly desirable in the way they do keep it interesting without over complicating it. The E.P. is available via the band's Bandcamp page. Head on over and pick up your copy of "Hades" and you'll have your fists pounding to the skies in the name of TRIVERSE MASSACRE.

https://triversemassacre.bandcamp.com/Production 10

8 / 10







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"Hades" Track-listing:

1. Cocytus
2. Styx
3. Acheron
4. Lethe
5. Phlegethon

Triverse Massacre Lineup:

Liam Stark - Vocals
Chris Kelsall - Guitars
James Graham - Guitars
Jason McEwan - Bass
Mike Collins - Drums

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