Time Waits For No Man


TRISHULA is an English Melodic Rock band founded by guitarist Neil Fraser (RAGE OF ANGELS, […]
By Emily Schneider
October 13, 2020
Trishula - Time Waits For No Man album cover

TRISHULA is an English Melodic Rock band founded by guitarist Neil Fraser (RAGE OF ANGELS, TEN) and vocalist Jason Morgan (MAGNUM) in 2019. Shortly after they released their first album 'Scared to Breathe" Neil was already inspired to create more. "Time Waits For No Man" arrived in September 2020 and features plenty of passionate and powerful songs with layers of detailed instrumentation. Read on for a track rundown.

"How It's Supposed to Be" and "Fallen Hero" are emotional tracks that make for a surprisingly melancholy start to the album as a whole. "I Want It All" has some great keywork throughout; synths and piano abound! The layered and harmonized vocals with that catchy as hell melody at the chorus truly had it all. "Make Up Your Mind (Take Your Time)" and "I Just Might"  both paid homage to classic 80s power ballads with a splash of additional harmonies. "Hear No Evil" starts out with some grandiose synthy keys and unfolds into a dramatic melodic chorus. The main melody had some major TOTO influence. Jason really killed it on the vocals in this one and Neil was right on his level with some gorgeous guitar riffs to match.

"The Border" takes up the volume and brings on the drama. There were layers upon layers of instrumentation in this one with some theatrical orchestration added with the synths, keys, and massive vocals. I didn't know what to focus on with how much was in this song; I found myself fluttering from the vocals for a bit, but then the riffs would snag my attention, later the whirling keys then would take hold. What a full to the brim track. "The Mighty" is another emotional number. The way the lyrics were sang were hard hitting, demanding my attention. The riffs and amount of emotion-fueled shred from Neil added even more power for this 'mighty' song. "Knocked Down" has cowbell. It's automatically Rock n Roll approved with that alone! Jokes aside, this one took more of a Blues Rock feel, which was quite a shift from the plethora of ballads that proceeded this one. They did this style quite well nevertheless; very Bob Seger meets THE EAGLES. "Every Time We Touch" was a pleasant ballad ending with heartfelt lyrics and lovely piano work.

Overall, "Time Waits for No Man" was obviously a ballad heavy album. This isn't a negative element in TRISHULA's case though because they were emotional and powerful tracks with plenty of intricate instrumentation in each song. I enjoyed how the album seemed to get more intense and theatrical as the songs went along... other than the oddball track "Knocked Down" that was totally different than the rest of the album stylistically. That aside, I think the vocals were a beacon of light on this album; Jason is a total powerhouse with a great and full vocal range, and a rather soothing tone as well. The keys from Rick were another highlight. There were not only piano style keys but also synths AND orchestra style keys as well, creating waves of dramatic percussion. Of course, the last thing worth highlighting is Neil's detailed guitar work that was not only skilled but also added emotion to these already passionate tracks. Basically, I'm a sucker for a great power ballad, so for me, I quite enjoyed this slower (but not boring) Melodic Rock album.

7 / 10









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"Time Waits For No Man" Track-listing:
1. How it's Supposed to Be
2. Fallen Hero
3. I Want it All
4. Make up Your Mind (Take Your Time)
5. I Just Might
6. Hear No Evil
7. The Border
8. The Mighty
9. Knocked Down
10. Every Time We Touch
Trishula Lineup:
Jason Morgan - Vocals
Neil Fraser - Guitars
Rick Benton - Keys
Dan Clark - Bass
Neil Ogden - Drums
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