The Dissentient (Part 1)


Bournemouth based Metal band TRIPWIRE have just released their first EP, "The Dissentient (Part 1)", […]
By Danny Sanderson
February 20, 2015
Tripwire - The Dissentient (Part 1) album cover

Bournemouth based Metal band TRIPWIRE have just released their first EP, "The Dissentient (Part 1)", which is a great introduction to the bands work. This follows the bands first and only Demo, which features two tracks from this EP which were re-recorded. The bands sound and song writing skills have developed in the interim between the Demo and the EP, and it's evident when you listen to this release.

"Decimation", which opens this EP, opens on some clean guitars, before launching into the really groovy pieces that make up the majority of the song. The drums are also a powerful presence in this track, adding weight to the already heavy guitars. "I Hate You Now" sounds a lot like Nu Metal, and to my ears is musically reminiscent of COAL CHAMBER or AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, and has a heavily distorted groove to it and a sing along chorus. The penultimate track, "Take What Is Mine", gradually builds up until the track kicks into gear, becoming a strongly Nu Metal inspired track with powerful drums which drive the song forward. It is accessible musically, but has an air of aggression to it. The final song on the EP, "Liberate" is another Nu Metal/Industrial inspired track with catchy vocals and thick, distorted guitar lines.

This is an EP by a band that are ready to take on the world. If they are going to take this, however, I feel that they need to work on forming their own sound and trying to work out their own, idiosyncratic style. The vast majority of these songs, although played competently, could have been improved in some places. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to hearing what these guys do next.

5 / 10


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"The Dissentient (Part 1)" Track-listing:

1. Decimation
2. I Hate You Now
3. Take What Is Mine
4. Liberate

Tripwire Lineup:

Aaron- Vocals
Jay- Guitar
Hammer- Guitar
Deus- Bass
Joe- Drums

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