Age Of Rebellion

Triple Kill

The Australian five-piece TRIPLE KILL do not take themselves too seriously, it is obvious the […]
By Kevin Burke
November 10, 2018
Triple Kill - Age Of Rebellion album cover

The Australian five-piece TRIPLE KILL do not take themselves too seriously, it is obvious the more you delve into the nature of the band the more likeable they become however, make no mistake these guys are excellent musicians, and they know how to knock out a solid tune. Their debut offering, the self-released album "Age Of Rebellion" is in some ways a homage to their influences as there are sections of familiarity to pick up on, but they are merely starting out on a path to metal-immortality and going by this album a lot of those factors needed are already in place and flexing a muscle of raw density.

From the opening instrumental "Event Horizon", a magnificent guitar-screeching start to the album that acts as an overture of the rage to come.  As the song finishes twisting in agony and crunches to a finale the title track; "Age Of Rebellion" triggers, it is here that the listener soon realizes TRIPLE KILL have two gears, fast or very fast, with this track the band are at break-neck speed and the vocal range of singer Rodney Goolagong is astounding. Throughout the recording the rhythm section is not left out of the equation at all, drummer Connor O'Keane is a living, relentless metronome of thunder, he is given plenty of room to manoeuvre holding the recording together at times.

"Lords Of Cinder" does have a METALLICA-"Black Album" quality to it if not that albums heaviest moments, the dual guitar attack of Anthony Commane and Daniel Mackie bring back to life the genre of trash and death metal in every heavily-distorted riff. On numbers "The Alchemist" and "Forward Unto Hell" we take a step back in time to the infancy of Heavy Metal, the lyrics take the themes and elements of the new-wave and lay them down against a much updated sound;
"United we will stand, Divided we will fall!"

With "Rán" they take these themes  to another level, bordering on a tongue-in-cheek delivery, the pounding of Ethan White's bass-line is a saving grace against the solid drum work once more and guide the song back from the brink of a satiric cliff-edge. In the nine-track, thirty-seven minute display, TRIPLE KILL condense as much work into this small space as possible, closing the album as it started with the sonic "Tears Of A Burning Messiah". The band gives a one minute exhibition of power here before the vocals come in, all instruments are strongly emphasized as they were throughout the album, the production is top-notch for a self-release which may come as a surprise. What Triple Kill may lack in originality they make up for with skill and the delivery they inject into each song is the blood and guts of what they are about and gladly what we can expect in the future.

8 / 10









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"Age Of Rebellion" Track-listing:

1.Event Horizon
2.Age Of Rebellion
3.Lords Of Cinder
5.Fear The Old Blood
6.Forever Onto Hell
8.The Alchemist
9.Tears Of A Burning Messiah

Triple Kill Lineup:

Rodney Goolagong - Vocals
Anthony Commane - Guitar
Daniel Mackie - Guitar
Ethan White-Bass
Connor O'Keane - Drums

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