Rising From Within


TRIDDANA was funded in early 2011, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their music combines the beauty […]
By Michel Ichiman Fernandes
October 15, 2018
Triddana - Rising From Within album cover

TRIDDANA was funded in early 2011, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their music combines the beauty and energy of the Scottish and Irish folk music with the purest Heavy Metal.  Their debut album, "Ripe for Rebellion," released in 2013, was enthusiastically received by the media and their fans around the world. In December 2015, their second record "The Power & The Will" was released through the German label Power Prog together with the video clip for the song "When the Enemy's Close".  In the summer of 2016, the band took a huge leap forward, performing its first shows in Europe.   Quite all the tracks are made on the same structure:  Rock with bagpipe or Celtic instruments and warm voice.  Each has a unique character different from the other, which makes a heterogeneous record.

So, we have Bagpipe Rock pieces such as "Dare to Tame Me" that starts with a bagpipe piece, before becoming a good Rock 'N Roll tune with a clear voice and celestial chorus.  There is also "Raging Fire," opening with drums and bagpipe and offering more Rock N Roll energy thanks to the drums.  "Stray from the Path" and "Our Time's Coming" are more common Bagpipe Rock pieces, including Heavy Metal tone with bagpipe and electric guitar parts.  "The Light You Left Behind" is more of a slow song with bagpipe background, that makes it a unique song.  "Pages in the Past" would be more Metal, with a bagpipe chorus, offering a completely different song.

We also have more Celtic moments as with "When Horizons Blaze" that starts with Gaita (Galician Bagpipe) and Panderetta (Galician Drums) and turns into an 80's Rock song.  "Journey to the Rim" contains intro fiddle, and is more epic than other Bagpipe Rock songs.  It is still in the same mood, but with inviting fiddle.  We have "Blind Hope"  that is a really enchanting song, a little bit more dance-appealing song than "Stages Falling" that is a dancing song too.  "Along the Crooked Road" is a Rock version of a classic Celtic song, that fits really well with the other songs of the album.

To sum up, we have a Celtic Folk Metal album with a huge range of  Bagpipe Rock songs, and other songs with different Galician instruments, fitting naturally in the same record, that makes it so fresh and unique.


8 / 10









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"Rising From Within" Track-listing:

1. Dare to Tame Me
2. When Horizons Blaze
3. Raging Fire
4. Stray from the Path
5. Journey to the Rim
6. The Light You Left Behind
7.  Blind Hope
8. Pages in the Past
9. Stages Falling
10. Along the Crooked Road
11. Our Time's Coming

Triddana Lineup:

Juan Jose Fomés - Guitar
Diego Rodriguez - Bass
Ranz - Drums
Pablo Allen - Cornemuse (Bagpipes in English)

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