Blasphemous Prophecies

Tribe of Pazuzu

TRIBE OF PAZUZU is a blackened death metal band that was formed in 2018. They […]
By Ricardo Casagrande
May 15, 2023
Tribe of Pazuzu - Blasphemous Prophecies album cover

TRIBE OF PAZUZU is a blackened death metal band that was formed in 2018. They are a Canadian band, with the exception of having John McEntee of INCANTATION playing rhythm guitar on their first EP titled Heretical Uprising released in 2019. The band continued on as a three piece for their next EP in 2020, released on VIC Records called King of all Demons. You can find both of these EP's together on a compilation album that the band put out in 2021. The band is a supergroup of extreme/black death metal that involves previous and present members of bands such as MACIFECATION, CRYPTOPSY, SOULSTORM, PESTILENCE and NECROSIS, just to name a few. Out now is their newest material and first full length album Blasphemous Prophecies.

The opening track "We Serve Under No God" offers up multiple soaring death metal squeals on guitar and on point frantic effort on drums from Flo. The vocals confide in a sinister growl that pieces itself into the music giving it an easy flowing melody. The title track to the album "Blasphemous Prophecies" uses trembling bass to build the anticipation before becoming a more melodic effort. The complete album carries a lot of melody within the tracks without compromising the heaviness of the music. More so of a masking effect which enables the variety of riffs and drums to hit a little harder once the songs open up. "Countess of Blood" is a crushing metal track that has a lot of groovy to it. A solid track that is made up of everything you love in a track, riff after riff matched with machine gun snare and a bass drum to bang your head to. A track that is a step above most on an album that doesn't have any weak spots.

"Invocation of the Ancients" brings some galloping guitars and pounding drums into four minutes of headbanging glory. Strong vocals and countless variations play factors in yet another strong track. Randy sets the stage on the track "Pazuzu Incarnate" with a groovy filled main riff with intervals of solo's that slide into the track with ease. You can get a sense as the album goes on that the trio have put time into setting up the tracks. The final song "Towards Oppressors" opens with a muted riff before setting off with a wave of chaotic sound. An aggressive and full throttle track to finish off what is a solid debut album. The release seems to have opportunities for the guitar venture off while the rhythm section secures and manipulates its presence. It will be interesting to see if the band can maintain putting out new material while working with other projects, but it will definitely be worth it to keep an ear out for future material.

8 / 10









"Blasphemous Prophecies" Track-listing:

1.We Serve Under no God
2.Blasphemous Prophecies
3.Countess of Blood
4.Invocation of the Ancients
5.The trial and Prosecution of the Scorned Prophet
6.Pazuzu Incarnate
7.Born of the Jackal
8.Towards Oppressors

Tribe of Pazuzu Lineup:

Nick Sagius - Vocals, Bass
Randy Harris - Guitars
Flo Mounier - Drums

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