Canadian Heavy Metal band TRAVELER is fairly new to the music scene. They released a […]
By Louise Brown
March 5, 2019
Traveler - Traveler album cover

Canadian Heavy Metal band TRAVELER is fairly new to the music scene. They released a demo in 2018, then followed it up with their self-titled debut album "Traveler," which came out in late February of this year.

I was not prepared to enjoy this album, let alone end up liking it as much as I do. I'm a metalhead from the early 1980s era so my standards for old school Heavy Metal are really, really high; maybe even a bit unreasonable, but I make no apologies. That sort of music was my lifeblood as a teenager so I know it like I know few other things. I feel that if a modern band has the audacity to play it then they'd better do it right or not bother at all.

TRAVELER met my self-imposed standards and surpassed them. I don't even know where to begin because there isn't a bad song on the entire album. Believe me, I did my best to find a flaw, ANY flaw, and it couldn't be done. I was in a state of such disbelief that I even mentioned it to my friends on Facebook as I was in the middle of the review. I told everyone that I was listening to a band at that sounded so great that I couldn't believe it. Their sound is polished and just perfect! I've listened to many albums in my lifetime and only a few have been of such high quality.

"Starbreaker" sets the mood as the opening track. As soon as it starts you know it's going to be EXCELLENT. And it truly is; I would tell you how awesome it sounds, but I don't have the right words in my vocabulary to do it justice. The same things applies to every single song after it, too. I can't even suggest a favorite to you because I don't have one. I like everything I heard. "Behind The Iron" is an excellent anthem-type track that is appealing because it isn't simplistic or over-the-top like so many of those songs tend to be. "Konamized" is a pleasant surprise. It's a short, but engaging instrumental with a sound that reminds me a bit of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN'S early work. "Up To You" is a ballad that manages to be sincere without sounding too sweet or sentimental. "Mindless Maze" is a Heavy Metal masterpiece that has all the perfect elements within it; aggressive guitars, dark, moody tension and a vocal performance by Jean-Pierre Abbound that needs to be heard in order to be fully appreciated. He has an amazing range! "Speed Queen" reminded me a great deal of Testament's music prior to their "Electric Crown" album with its speed and precision. My suggestion to anyone who buys the album would be to take the time to listen to it from beginning to end without interruption. It's THAT good.

TRAVELER is an amazing band that will win you over with the outstanding music that they've created. As a reviewer this sort of thing completely floors me when it happens. Part of doing a review is being able to offer a bit of criticism when necessary so that the band in question can improve what they're doing. In this case I wouldn't dream of criticizing anything. My single concern is that they won't be able to reproduce the same quality on their next album. I hope they take those words to heart because they have set the bar for themselves (and a lot of other Heavy Metal bands) extremely high.

Should you get "Traveler"? Are you seriously asking me that?! Go, get it now!!!


10 / 10









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"Traveler" Track-listing:

1. Starbreaker
2. Street Machine
3. Behind The Iron
4. Konamized
5. Up To You
6. Fallen Heroes
7. Mindless Maze
8. Speed Queen

Traveler Lineup:

Jean-Pierre Abboud-  Vocals
Matt Ries-  Guitars
Toryin Schadlich-  Guitars
Dave Arnold-  Bass
Chad Vallier-  Drums

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