From their PR companies' website, "TRAILIGHT are preparing to unveil the new Progressive Metal offering […]
April 20, 2023
Trailight - Mirrors album cover

From their PR companies' website, "TRAILIGHT are preparing to unveil the new Progressive Metal offering "Mirrors" on May 26th via Bandcamp. Delivering thundering rhythms, intricate guitar leads and soaring vocals, TRAILIGHT produce immersive sounds to explore new worlds and take a look inside ourselves. Composer Omar Cordell comments, "The general theme of the album Mirrors is an introspective view on my journey through life in both views of the internal and external world. A walk through a wilderness of mirrors in which every person or event reflects one's self in it." The album has eight songs.

"The One You Feed" is the first. Omar's leading bass notes are thick and full with effects. Guitars and drums come rumbling in, and I get a bit of a QUEENSRYCHE vibe. The vocals are smooth, and the song has some catchy elements to go with the dark landscape. "Traveller" is another rousing sound with some nifty meter shifting. Both the bass and guitar work is well-done, and the background is thickened with other elements. The title track is another dark offering with solemn tones and catchy vocal harmonies. The keyboard solo is nice with its grey toned themes. "Elegy" is a slower and even more depressive song but a positive energy flows from the chorus. The melodies here are quite nice, and the harsh vocals towards the end work very well.

"Harbour" has a more melancholy sound but with plenty of melodies. I like the grey clouds that occasionally pass by while you are people watching. The harmonies in the chorus are also sturdy, but ethereal. "Lead a Horse to Water" has a thicker and heavier sound. The keys augment the sound, which has a combination of clean and harsh vocals. The more depressive section has a strong affirmation: "even when you're lost in the shadows..." "Victory" has a softer and more tender song from the opening piano notes, but it takes a sharp turn into the light in the chorus. "Puerto" closes the album. It has a nice balance between hope and despair, with hope winning. It's a charming and touching final song.

Perhaps the best part of the album are the vocal harmonies and the soundscapes the band develops. The Progressive elements are there, but they don't overtake the melody as they often can in the genre. I understand the album title as it relates to the music, but I would have liked to have heard some more positive sounds on the album. Still, this was well-composed, and pleasing to listen to.

7 / 10









"Mirrors" Track-listing:

1. The One You Feed
2. Traveller
3. Mirrors
4. Elegy
5. Harbour
6.  Lead a Horse to Water
7. Victory
8. Puerto

Trailight Lineup:

Daniel Cardoso - Drums
Cory McBain - Guitars, Keys
Omer Cordell - Bass, Vocals, Keys
Devin Townsend
Dave Padden
Oswin Wong
Eyal "Schplatz" Heller
Conan Freeman
Meris Williams
Andrea Rayburn

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