Poetic Justice


I visited the bands MySpace page on fisrt notice; I read the General Info - […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 27, 2007
Tragik - Poetic Justice album cover

I visited the bands MySpace page on fisrt notice; I read the General Info - Influences part and held the bands referred in my mind. Then, I listened to the album 6 or 7 times. In my bed, during taking a bath, at work while working rather nervously, at work during lunch break, in my girlfriend's car (bikes vs CDs...) and - last but not least - while taking the bus downtown Athens. Ultimately, while writing this review I decided to chech the band's MySpace page again for some info. The 'influences' bands were there; and then did I agree so much...even if the album is not as 'valued' as promised.
Phil Vincent releases (so called) Melodic Rock albums since 1996. Writing and performing all music by himself in most of the cases, he does not seem to have received enough feedback worldwide (let aside few have heard something off his works). And, by listening to TRAGIK, Phil seems to be a rather underrated musician. In this album, Vincent authorises axeman Damian D' Ercole to do most of the guitar work (plus the bass duties), a man who's only 22 years old but performs rather maturely what he's assigned with. Skinsman Dirk Phillips is an old mate of Vincent, having already appeared in the mainman's Tragic and Circular Logic solo effort albums. Long gone historical facts...
Back to present: Poetic Justice was a great album by LILLIAN AXE back in 1992, and this Poetic Jusitce does not seem rather capable of preserving the title's significance. By no means being bad, this first TRAGIK release features tons of melodies, both 'retro' and 'new', while the musicians are rather skilled. Vincent's voice is rather remarkable, featuring both 'touching' and rocking parts. The production could be more 'fat' but it's OK anyway. Still, the tracklist itself is not that exciting in sounds. Flirting with the likes of bands as DOKKEN, (post-1984) DEEP PURPLE, BOSTON, HAREM SCAREM, JOURNEY and (some of) QUEEN, Poetic Justice is somehow flat. Shit...not 'flat' but plain(?). Some 'modern' things going on here and there may interest someone, who knows?
Hmmm...TRAGIK is everything else but 'tragic'. Die-hard fans of the Melodic Rock sound (with some soft Rock parts) will find enough interest in this CD, while the rest should as well try listening to some samples or - no worries - stride over Poetic Justice in favour of something more 'vivid'.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Poetic Justice" Track-listing:

Show The World
Never Stand Alone
Test Of Faith
Who Will Be There?
Message To God
One Of Us
Long Time Comin
Caught In The Moment
Here In My Heart
Welcome To The Real World
Defying Logik
Shadow In The Night
Back Of My Mind

Tragik Lineup:

Phil Vincent - Vocals, Keys, Guitars
Damian D' Ercole - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Bass
Dirk Phillips - Drums

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