Tracy Starr

Tracy Starr

This band - and this kinda music form - needs some special attention. An his, […]
By Grigoris Chronis
March 3, 2007
Tracy Starr - Tracy Starr album cover

This band - and this kinda music form - needs some special attention. An his, due to the fact that there's a thin red (or pink?) line between trying doing something good and actually doing something good. Regardless someone may be fond of a certain Rock/Metal sub-genre or not, some thing related to originality, creative spirit and/or 'decision'-ism are obvious at first sight. And - to tell the truth - TRACY STARR does not meet my requirements...
Canada is strongly recommended in 'producing' amazing bands. The TRACY STARR personnel is 'class A'. There's guts, there's philth, there's this godamn 'street' feeling in their debut album (through the Perris label, as always for such stuff). The production of the labum fits like a glove; dirty, mean and sleazin' Rock 'n' Roll all the way. Well, then, where's the fuckin' problem?
The songs themselves. Yeap. The two Steves deliver some very good guitar work, the rhythm section is as wished, but the tunes themselves are not something worth mentioning. Hell yeah, you won't be miserable while hearing to TRACY STARR on your way out to your beloved Hard Rock club - if there's any left in your area - but few are the chances you'll react with something more than just a tune....Hey, look at these boobs!!! note. Some of the AC/DC groove, enough of the GUNS N' ROSES perspective, a portion of the relevant Sleaze Rock scene of the early 90s...but...not one helluva song to get 'nailed' into my mind after hearing to the CD for a dozen of times.
TRACY STARR has had their music appear in several 'extreme Sports' DVDs in Canada. Maybe they're better in this kinda business. I'd like to hear to the album in my car while drivin' fast - it'll sound better, definitely - but I own a motorcycle.Sorry...

5 / 10


"Tracy Starr" Track-listing:

Yellow Rose
Backwoods Shuffle
Step Right Up
Long Haul Mission
Sticks And Stones
Stand Up
Chemical Sunshine
Make Believe
Jokers Hand

Tracy Starr Lineup:

Steve LeBlanc - Guitars & Lead Vocals
Steve Deyoung - Guitars & Vocals
Daniel Dupuis - Drums & Vocals
Jason Arsenault - Bass & Vocals

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