For some reason France is not one of the best well known Metal scenes in […]
By Michael Dalakos
September 5, 2005
Towersound - Towersound album cover

For some reason France is not one of the best well known Metal scenes in the world. In fact I think it's one of the few countries that has a weak scene in Europe. So, I always find interest in packages coming from this country. Towersound is the latest addition from France and I must praise them for their well-crafted promo kit (great work, guys!).
The band was formed in 2001 and consists of three brothers! Jean-Christophe (Jon - vocals), Laurent (Lonn - guitar) and Florian (Flo - drums). Those three have released two demos prior to this release: a five songs demo back in 2002 and a full length ten track demo a year later. This self titled is considered by the band as their official debut release. Just for the record, let's mention that the album is distributed by Brennus Music.
While trying to pinpoint the influences of the band, it is more than obvious that they adore the 80's Era of Metal music. Classic Metal, fused with some flashy guitar work and an Epic vibe are the elements (not so hidden) behind their music. Thumbs up for the very good guitar work of Flo! He delivers some really cool solos in here! Generally the songs sound well structured and indicate a mature band.
However, there are some thumbs down here too. First of all, no mater how 80's their singer tries to sound like, it is more than obvious he needs a lot of work. The production (home made, the band admits it) doesn't help at all. At times many of the band's good ideas sound swamped in the flat production and this also causes problems for the vocal lines.
When it comes to music, this album is pretty fair. Not radical but quite promising for a young band. However, since they decided to enter the major league, they must really look out for matters such as production or the artwork.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Towersound" Track-listing:

Prelude To The Tale Of...
Devils Of The Night
Shine Over Me
Hell's On The Speedway
Bring Your Life To Light
My Wild Rose
It's A Good Day To Die
Final March, Last War
Enchanted Alloy
Doomed At Dawn

Towersound Lineup:

Jon - Vocals
Lonn - Guitars
Flo - Drums

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