If The War Comes Tomorrow


TOVARISH is a band from Providence, Rhode Island; their sound could be described as Heavy […]
By Sergio Andrés
July 29, 2019
Tovarish - If The War Comes Tomorrow album cover

TOVARISH is a band from Providence, Rhode Island; their sound could be described as Heavy Ambient. More than a bunch of songs, what we have here is a work comprised of suites. Their offering bounces between subtle noises/clean guitars, and heavy, eerie sounds, amen to their Metal guitars, some growl, post-apocalyptic samples; giving us an overall flavor of cinematic Score music.

The opening "They Know" has a Tchaikovksian pounding feel ala "Marche Slave" with heavy guitars, and crowded sampled chants. Think it as the nemesis doppelganger of QUEENSRYCHE´s "Anarchy X" meets GODFLESH. And yes, we are dealing with tons of politically charged music, what would you expect with a band named TOVARISH anyway? "We Slept" on the contrary, has an intimate vibe, guitar chords are not open this time, giving more space for delayed notes in a subtle, TANGERINE DREAM post TOOL way.

"Silver and Lead" (great name and first single) starts with a claustrophobic motif giving way to a melodic theme, reminds me a little bit of NIN´s "A Warm Place" including some looped screamed vocals, which works effectively. "In the Language of Firepower" includes feminine voices, which contrast with the visceral noises as a sonic counterpoint, resulting in a constant tension between two characters (I guess) resolving with an explosion sound. With such simple elements, these guys can tell you a plethora of stories, terrific.

"The Year Without Summer" continues this nightmarish claustrophobic aura, yet with feminine vocals. It differs quite a bit from the previous "Silver and Lead" in terms of using a minor-key melody, whereas the latter sounded paradoxically anthemic (lack of a better word). "If the War Comes Tomorrow" serves as an outro with sludgier elements to the mix, with a continuous chant of "USA, USA, USA" sampled at the beginning, childish voices, and drone guitars (a noticeable influence from CELTIC FROST´s Monotheist).

The mix and mastering of this work are top-notch; they channeled an elegant use of volume and silences. Big kudos to the production team. As an epilogue about this album, I can´t help but remember the time I went to Mauthausen´s concentration camp, and reflecting about humanity´s self-destructing tendencies; this music reached my most desolated inner core and allowed some sense of reflection about life and death.

10 / 10









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"If The War Comes Tomorrow" Track-listing:

1. They Know
2. Capitalism in Decay
3. We Slept
4. Silver and Lead
5. In the Language of Firepower
6. To Hide Is to Survive
7. From Trench to Triumph
8. The Year Without Summer
9. If the War Comes Tomorrow

Tovarish Lineup:

Dimitri - Vocals / Visuals
Ivan - Electronic / Drums
Roman - Guitars

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