Total Terror

Total Terror

I know many of Dan Swano's bands and projects, but as it seems they are […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
May 23, 2009
Total Terror - Total Terror album cover

I know many of Dan Swano's bands and projects, but as it seems they are way too many to keep a track of them all! One of my latest discoveries was this side project Swano used to have along with some other known members. If the other two guys don't seem familiar to you, then I guess you shouldn't be reading this review until you finish your homework.

Back in the EDGE OF SANITY years, Dan Swano along with two friends (members of EDGE OF SANITY back then) decided to form a drunk as fuck Crust/Punk band. They formed TOTAL TERROR and released the underground classic demo somewhere around 1993. Having more passion and the hunger for a full-length release, in 1994 they recorded this album and started searching for a label. For unknown reasons, this album ended up in the shelf and nobody was interested in it until recently, when Swano decided in 2008 that it was time to mix/master it and put it out there.

So why was Swano awakened after all these years? Because this release hides 27 Crust/Punk short hymns full of aggression, violence, passion and honesty! Just think of three guys having fun while creating incredible music, and writing everything in Swedish! There is nothing technical or professional about it, but this whole sweaty amateur vibe in Total Terror just can't be passed by. The raw guitars, the disharmonic vocals and the furious drumming are the only ingredients that such a recipe needs. Just think about when it was recorded!

I guess Swano did his best to fix the sound of this recording and present it in the best possible way. It is not an album that will interest many of you, but people who know what I am talking about will surely be touched but TOTAL TERROR's sound. No need for a rating or something here...

"Total Terror" Track-listing:

Packad & Klar
Ar Det Sa Det Ska Va?
Fodd Till Ett Liv I En Logn
Av Alla Sedlar Jag Har Fatt
Vem Fan Tror Du Att Du Ar?
Tillat Mig Spy
Destination U.S.A.
Vad Har Du I Skallen, Svin?
Guds Kontonummer
Mitt Liv Blir Min Dod
Do Da Din Javel
Det Finns En Grans
Era Sinnesjuka Svin
Du Borde Sparras In
Det Finns Inte Ord

Total Terror Lineup:

Dan Swano - Vocals, Guitar
Drette - Bass, Backing Vocals
Benny Larsson - Drums, Backing Vocals

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