Torture Ascendancy 1307

How do you begin to review an album that presents itself as a collection of […]
By Jack Harding
August 7, 2019
Torture Ascendancy 1307 - D.E.M.O.S. album cover

How do you begin to review an album that presents itself as a collection of demos? Any criticism I make, no matter how accurate and valid, can be simply shut down with the swift retort "Well they're demos. They're not finished yet!". Thankfully, this release is far from atrocious, but lacks anything of definition. We pass from Black Metal cliche to Death Metal cliche and back again. Cliches that are executed well, but cliches presented to us as is. There is no interesting framing of these cliches, or dissection of any facet of the genre, simply regurgitation of ideas that became boring over a decade ago.

Opening with possibly the strongest track, "Amon Morgue Matrix," a vast variety of a riffs are thrown at the listener, but are never truly allowed to flower. Cut off and transitioned to the next riff before they can be exploited properly or developed properly. Unfortunately this is what leads to the album simply feeling like a "best of" compilation for every single cliche of the genre. Things are never given enough room or time to grow into something uniquely theirs.

"Phosphorous Crown" is another example of this collection of cliches and stereotypes, that initially please, only to wain on you as a listener. With an interestingly paced intro that possibly goes on too long, TORTURE ASCENDANCY 1307 incorporate an almost Tech Death vibe, which works superbly, but never develops enough. This makes initially interesting riffing and brutality, slowly become monotonous.

Vocally, the same level of quality is applied. Effective growls and gutturals, but with brief moments of pure stupidity. These moments of idiocy arise when the vocalist chooses to just shout randomly. Not scream. Not Growl, but shouting. Track "Extinction Of The Sun And Will" physically cause me to laugh out loud. When the line "The Extinction" is shouted as if the vocalist is trying to get the attention of someone across a quiet pub. Less "HEAVY FUCKING METAL" and more "Pass the peanuts Nigel!".

What must always be kept in mind with this collection of songs however, is that they are indeed demos. This is a band in its infancy. Mistakes are made, but this act have time to fix these. Time to develop, improve and polish their sound. There is potential here. Songs are well constructed and riffs are generally interesting, but they simply lack that special something. That "x" factor. The undefinable, but necessary element that will elevate this act from kids with a tape recorder to a fully formed entity that can enrapture an audience.


7 / 10









"D.E.M.O.S." Track-listing:

1. Amon Morgue Matrix
2. Asthenic Cerebral Ouroboros Parasite
3. Extinction Of The Sun And Will
4. From The Seat Of Man
5. Phosphorous Crown
6. I, Voidforger
7. In The Womb Of Dissolving Abyss Exists The House Of Everlasting Inferno

Torture Ascendancy 1307 Lineup:

Isaiah - Drums
TJ - Lead Guitars
Jasin - Bass Guitar
Chrisom Infernium - Vocals
Don Egan - Guitars

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