Tormentor Tyrant

Tormentor Tyrant

TORMENTOR TYRANT is a Death Metal band from Helsinki, Finland. "Tormentor Tyrant" is the group's […]
By Alex Barnard
March 28, 2022
Tormentor Tyrant - Tormentor Tyrant album cover

TORMENTOR TYRANT is a Death Metal band from Helsinki, Finland. "Tormentor Tyrant" is the group's first EP, released by Everlasting Spew Records on January 28, 2022.

Another great Old-School style Death Metal release - what more could one ask for? This EP shows the band taking cues from "Leprosy"-era DEATH, DEICIDE, "Altars of Madness"-era MORBID ANGEL, and early CANNIBAL CORPSE. It's messy, devastating, and lightning fast - a perfect execution of OSDM.

J. Carnage's drumming is intense enough that you can always hear and feel everything he's going for, despite lacking the tight compression that is prevalent in modern Metal releases. Flashes of drumming legends like Pete Sandoval and Dave Lombardo abound in his playing, especially on the title track. S. Envenom's guitar playing is monstrous, thrashy, and technical at times but mostly raw, like on "Eternal Torment." His voice reminds me of Glen Benton in particular, with his rhythmic delivery and deep, throaty bellow. And finally, M. Malignant's bass rumbles and burbles like an evil potion in a witch's cauldron, and his backing growls complement S. Envenom's lead shouts perfectly.

The rest of the EP is so excellent that I can't pull highlights, so I'll just talk about the rest of the track listing. "Primal Evil" felt the most like a CANNIBAL CORPSE tune with its head-first start, chaotic and chromatic riffs, and incredibly dissonant guitar solo from M. Malignant. "All-Seeing Eye" is over before you know it, replete with galloped riffs, tremolo picking, and blisteringly fast drumming. And finally, "Galaxy-Wide Terror" is a masterpiece, with its eerie introduction, stomping groove, and SLAYER-esque middle section.

This EP is unrefined and visceral, just as Old School Death Metal should be. TORMENTOR TYRANT have come out swinging and are taking no prisoners with their music. If you're looking for a band that has a clear love and admiration for a bygone era of Death Metal, look no further than this Finnish trio.

7 / 10









"Tormentor Tyrant" Track-listing:

1. Tormentor Tyrant
2. Eternal Torment
3. Primal Evil
4. All-Seeing Eye
5. Galaxy-Wide Terror

Tormentor Tyrant Lineup:

S. Envenom - Guitars/Vocals
M. Malignant - Bass/Vocals
J. Carnage - Drums

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