Light, but the free-spirited nature is there. TORCHIA gives us an introduction by releasing a […]
By Salvador Aguinaga II
January 21, 2014
Torchia - oNe album cover

Light, but the free-spirited nature is there. TORCHIA gives us an introduction by releasing a three song demo having yet to release a debut. What we have here is an unhampered showcase of this quintet's abilities. It's unrestricted and honestly a pretty good start in one's musical career. I can sense the pure energy and the optimism in these guys playing. And because of that, it lacks the adept part of the deal. Even still, it shouldn't be a problem once they've had more experience releasing more and more material. Taking it as it is, this demo isn't too shabby.

"Nameless Story" is the odd man out as it sounds a bit different than both "Your Blood in My Veins" and "Too Far, too Late". The former is more straightforward Melodic Death Metal and has a faster tempo than both the latter. The speed of the song gives it such power. Especially during the solo that is being supported by a Speed Metal riff.

 I'm not much of a fan of pinch harmonics. Especially if they sound like something Alexi Laiho would do. I apologize if this is insulting to the members of the band but I have to assume CHILDREN OF BODOM is somewhat of an influence. No need to riot, aside from the pinch harmonics and solo structure nothing else is reminiscent of them. Instead, they sound more like ARSIS, save the technical aspect.

"Your Blood in My Veins" starts with the bass playing a soliloquy. Right from then, I could tell the direction would differ from the previous track. And like the previous it does instill a sense of power, but instead of an adrenaline shot it's more the sort of power from foreshadowing potential energy to kinetic energy. The last two songs have a lot of momentum thus making them intense headbangers. These songs do delve from traditional Hardcore. But even so it's separate from its Melodic Death Metal counterpart.

Overall, it's an entertaining demo. So much that you don't mind the safe approach and commonplace style. One thing worth complimenting about these guys is being able to simultaneously play different styles without them melding but working together quite well. It takes a special kind of innate ability to do that and I think these guys have it.

5 / 10


"oNe" Track-listing:

1. Nameless Story
2. Your Blood in My Veins
3. Too Far, too Late

Torchia Lineup:

Panu Kivistö - Vocals
Ville Riitamaa - Guitars & backing vocals
Henri Heikkinen - Guitars
Pirkka Birkstedt - Bass & backing vocals
Joonas Juntunen - Drums

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