Confidence And Consequence

Too Pure To Die

Apart from the fact that there has been a mistake and the promo has the […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 4, 2008
Too Pure To Die - Confidence And Consequence album cover

Apart from the fact that there has been a mistake and the promo has the link to the official homepage of another Trustkill band, which by the way has nothing to do - musically - with the other bands this label has and is a kick ass Hard Rock band, the other info that were on the copy the label sent were useful enough for this review. So here it goes...

TOO PURE TO DIE is a straight edge Hardcore band from Des Moines, Iowa, USA, and debuted with this album in 2006. Confidence And Consequence was formerly released by Sumerian Records. The band then added vocalist Paul Zurlo (BEYOND ALL REASON) and signed a contract with Trustkill Records. They now re-release their debut album with new vocals and an extra song What's Left, a move that seems pretty pointless to me.

If they were an old, titan act of the Hardcore/Metal scene, I would understand such a move, but a new band that has released a debut album only two years ago and re-releases it with its new singer is no reasonable move to me. Basically, I didn't even know this band before; therefore I haven't even listened to the initial form of this album. But what the fuck?! It is not MAIDEN re-recording Iron Maiden or Killers with Dickinson or something like that!

Musically, the band is close to acts like FIRST BLOOD, THROWDOWN and BLACK MY HEART, but I strongly believe that the above mentioned bands are doing their thing better than these Iowa based hardcore metallers. They're not bad, not at all, but why should someone spend his money on a pointless re-release that has nothing to offer? If someone likes this band so much, he/she will probably already have the original album. The new singer and an extra song are not things that would tempt me to buy such an album again, except if a new band like for example TME re-releases its debut album with a singer like Coverdale on vocals! Now that I think of it, Coverdale would sound interesting as a Thrash/Death Metal singer (just kidding).

So, as I said above, this album is pretty good musically, but I am rather confused. Should I rate the album or the re-release? I believe that no rating should be put on this review. What I have written is enough for you to get the point. You can decide for yourselves.

"Confidence And Consequence" Track-listing:

Confidence And Consequence
Bad Luck
Blame No One
It Won't Hurt
Dead To Me
All In A Day
The Best Coincidence
What's Left

Too Pure To Die Lineup:

Paul Zurlo - Vocals
Jordan Peterson - Guitar
Zach Johnson - Guitar
Chris Towning - Bass
Kyle Rossi - Drums

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