Beyond the Law

Tony Mills

TONY MILLS releases his latest solo album, "Beyond the Law," with the clear understanding that […]
Tony Mills - Beyond the Law album cover

TONY MILLS releases his latest solo album, "Beyond the Law," with the clear understanding that it is to be his final written work as an artist, after a near 40-year career. Formerly the lead vocalist of SHY, Mills also spent some time as the front-man for TNT, before focusing on his solo career. Co-written by Tommy Denander (ALICE COOPER), Peter Newdeck (MIDNIGHT CITY), and Patrick McKenna (SHY), the album contains ten tracks.

"The Westside" leads off the album with a mid-tempo swing. Mills sounds as good as ever, stretching out into the upper ranges with ease. The bluesy guitar solo lets you know where his roots are. "Beyond the Law" is a faster and heavier song, featuring keyboards along with the guitar riff. I love the bass line here...simple but effective. The chorus is full and rich and really drives the sound home. "Running Guns" opens with a pretty keyboard section before the main riff hits. It's another mid-tempo rocker. One thing is for sure...Toni puts his all into his vocal performance.

"F.B.I" is a fast moving plate of a smoking hot rocker, kicking off with a guitar riff mixed with keys. He turns it up in the chorus, with full backing vocals. It take a soulful pause following the second chorus before lighting up again. "Black Sedan" has a sexy little swing to it and I find myself nodding along. The backing vocals provide the thickness that runs throughout the song. "We Sold your City" has that classic AOR sound where the song is just fun and easy to listen to, but with a bit of an edge to boot, straddling that line between Rock and Metal as much AOR does. "Crackin' Foxy" has some soul to it. It's another bluesy song that features some great vocals...both lead and backing. "Bonnie's Farewell" opens with soft keyboard notes and saxophone. Mills goes for the emotional delivery here. They really come out in the chorus, turning positive. This pensive song might be my favorite on the album.

"Code of Silence" is the song you need after "Bonnie's Farewell;" a guitar riff based rocker with great vocals and bass lines. Tony goes for broke near the end of the song with a note that would shatter glass. "Gunfire" closes the album, with a faster moving pace. It reminds me of the musical lead-in to a modern day Western, especially with the "oohs" he sings. Overall, although I am saddened to learn that this will be the last recordings of Toni's great voice, it brings closure for me because it's a "back to his roots" kind of sound that I think it just every easy to enjoy. You can tell he and the band had a good time making this album, because that's what comes out of it in the end.

8 / 10









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"Beyond the Law" Track-listing:

1. The Westside
2. Beyond the Law
3. Running Guns
4. F.B.I.
5. Black Sedan
6. We Sold your City
7. Crackin' Foxy
8. Bonnie's Farewell
9. Code of Silence
10. Gunfire

Tony Mills Lineup:

Tony Mills - Vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, Keyboards
Pete Newdeck - Drums, Backing Vocals
Patrick McKenna - Piano
Linda Mills - Bass Guitar
Tione Vanderlinden - Bass Guitar
Josh "Tabbie" Williams - Bass Guitar
Tony Forsythe - Bass Guitar
Chris Aldridge - Saxophone

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