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The uncompromising entity TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED is finally releasing their most anticipated album to […]
Tome of the Unreplenished - Earthbound album cover

The uncompromising entity TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED is finally releasing their most anticipated album to date, "Earthbound." This unique project has been undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of musical progression, experimenting with radical, brutal, and unforgiving sounds, but yet, their serene and grandiose approach is always the entities main distinguished essence. The album's approach can only be characterized as "pure". Six tracks await us.

"Tellurian" leads off the album. The bombast hits you from the opening notes, with a thick guitar section and harsh vocal screams. Clean vocals come in, and the depressing sound of the song is underscored. "Unbound" also has a chaotic entrance. The vocals consist mostly of tortured screams, while the guitars build more solemn tones with a bit of melody. The sound picks up at the half-way mark before it drops with some lead notes. "Tryst at the Gales of Cyprus" begins with a slower and more dreadful sound. The vocals switch off from wailed screams to lower hums, recognizing the changing moods of the song, from anger to despair.

"Toward the Self" is another melancholy and ominous offering. The vocal moans paint a landscape of endless there anything or anyone out there? "Astraios Ayr" is eleven minutes of despondence and despair, as the subject considers throwing in the towel on his life for good. The lead guitar parts give the song an almost Post-Metal quality. It turns darker towards the half-way mark, as the grey skies give way to thick, black thunderheads. Those ambient keys that introduce a pause in the sound are about as dreadful a sound as one can imagine, in all their glory.

"Portcullis to Dodekatheon" closes the album, picking up where the ambient keys left off in the previous track. The weight is both light and crushing at the same time, like the atmosphere of some distant planet's gravitational pull. Before you know it, your breathing becomes labored, and you are crushed from the inside out. Positively distressing and appalling, the album carries with it the weight of the world's concerns on its shoulders. The band does an excellent job of pushing these characteristics to where you suddenly feel all alone and that your life is void. As you slowly begin to pick yourself back up, the skies rain down on you, keeping you forever down in the mud.

8 / 10









"Earthbound" Track-listing:

1. Tellurian
2. Unbound
3. Tryst at the Gales of Cyprus
4. Toward the Self
5. Astraios Ayr
6. Portcullis to Dodekatheon

Tome of the Unreplenished Lineup:

Tom Vallely

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