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All the way from Indonesia, this is only the second band I have had the […]
April 24, 2023
Tombstone - To The Existence Of The Light album cover

All the way from Indonesia, this is only the second band I have had the pleasure of reviewing from the Asian continent, they are called TOMBSTONE, there are a lot of big heavy metal bands sharing the same but these guys are specialising in the black metal genre as they have done so since their formation in 2005. However there are only two members so we have a duo of two talented musicians, named NIRROJIM and THORNER, it is unclear as to what instruments they actually play but they certainly do what they can to write their music the way they want to. Their first debut release was THE AWAKENING DARKNESS in the year of 2020 when the global pandemic was in full swing and then it has only been two years as they then got ready to release their second album TO THE EXISTENCE OF THE LIGHT.

So straight into the album, we go as we start with "Wolfsbane" as we hear guitars building a crescendo with drums for a slow tempo at first with so much clarity and then guitars set the track up with pulsating elements, the vocals enter as the intensity is going straight through the roof and atmosphere is mind-blowing. Then the tempo pulls back again, as drums and guitars define the black metal sound of this enchanting intro, faster again as the contrast between the tempo changes is well arranged. "Disillusionize" comes next with horrifying blast of guitars and drums on a full scale attack that keeps the momentum going for a solid three minutes, before there is a slight variation in drums with the pattern they played.

A sudden drop in volume, as all instruments bow out, not quite the intermission I was expecting, as mellow guitar comes in picking notes, as we are halfway through this track. The full tone and texture of guitar is so appealing, before drums come in with a much slower pattern, very well executed here I must say, as both elements continue with guitar then becoming more heavier or denser. Another quick fire into the race of all elements giving it full blast and no stopping. "Vain" is off to a flyer of a start, through the gates of hell and burning as the guitars are eager to propel themselves although drums do a short contrasting clip of more accents but then revert back to the monstrous mania. There is a different section again later on in the track.

Slower drum patterns also fused together with this rather more relaxed section, very different to what we heard now throughout this track. But then it is back to the original bombardment of all hell breaking loose in all aspects. "Into The Woods" as the thunder of guitars and drums is striking down with the faster and more sinister sound output, as the black metal influences are clear and vocals also do well to symbolise the satanic nature of this track. Approaching halfway through this eight minute track we hear a short instrumental teaser even though vocals do rejoin, the tone of guitars are different than before, less of a hurry and more sustained.

Guitar has a short solo to itself with ringing of cymbals, as we edge towards the next track, but then the hardcore guitars resume their racy and pulsating tone to lead us into the next track. "Guardians Of Land And Sea" as a stirring and mysterious soundscape is in motion before a slow guitar and drum combination are introduced as the guitar is more sustained, holding notes with drums giving more clarity this time around. Guitars do become a bit more cutting edge with faster playing and drums do well to accompany them, with vocals giving the occasional devious devastation. In comparison, this track is the exception of being quieter and maybe instrumental, giving each element their own space.

"Far To The North" as we head back into the belter of vocal cries of sorrow and anguish, as guitars do still hold back, but then jet off in a fiery rhythm. The sheer volume and atmosphere is very much on a discord and conflict of all elements, creating a mix of ghastly tones. There are opportunities for the slower phases of play by guitars and drums, but the lead narrative is possessed and certainly wicked as well. So onwards we go into the final track of this album, which is  "To The Existence Of The Light" the title track of this album, as the duo refer back to the mellow guitar sounds before the rebellious streak of all guns blazing is present for the listener to hear.

Drums do stand out again for the reduced or halftime playing with accented beats as guitar has a short segment to itself before drums create a build up slowly then vocals come in violently as they have done so. Drums do play a nice even rhythm as the vocals bow out for an instrumental section, short enough before vocals rejoin, as we hear the thicker and more deadly black metal madness. There is certainly enough to take in with this final track being just a bit over ten minutes in length, guitars have another chance to expand their horizons with another solo part, then back into the pit of doom as sadistic guitars venture on another crusade with all other instruments. A slow piano part ends the album so there we have it, a very interesting album for sure, I look forward to hearing more.

7 / 10









"To The Existence Of The Light" Track-listing:

1. Wolfsbane
2. Disillusionize
3. Into The Woods
4. Vain
5. Guardians Of Land And Sea
6. Far To The North
7. To The Existence Of The Light

Tombstone Lineup:


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