Optical Illusion

Time Requiem

Can neoclassical Metal take any further enrichment as a genre? I honestly don't think so. […]
By Michael Dalakos
July 10, 2006
Time Requiem - Optical Illusion album cover

Can neoclassical Metal take any further enrichment as a genre? I honestly don't think so. Since the golden 80's where guitar virtuosos like Richie Blackmore, Axel Rudi Pell and of course Yngwie Malmsteen ruled, nothing more than ruminations spawn within the genre. It's the dynamics of the certain style, so powerful that slight variations simply draw outside the genre. Even the fans of this kind of music are not so eager to accept bands with enriched sound. There are simply no surprises in the genre and people seem to be happy with this situation.
Time Requiem is one of the bands Richard Anderson uses as his personal vessel. Compared with his other bands, this one is a more progressive oriented / less neoclassical based act. At least up to now. Optical Illusion is their third studio album. If I recall correctly the previous Time Requiem releases caused me a headache mostly because of the endless keyboard babble. At least in this one Mr. Anderson seems to understand that no mater how hard keyboard players try, their instrument will always be a gay one. Let's face it people: neoclassical Metal stands for screaming guitars, spiting thousands of notes per second while a handsome guitar player is sexually abusing his instrument. Damn it, you've seen how Yngwie uses his guitar as a symbol of his manhood's greatness (or an extension of it). How on earth can a keyboard player repeat this with the gnomon black box that creates gay-ish sounds? I rest my case...
Truth is that Optical Illusion sounds more neoclassical than the rest of Time Requiem's released but that's not good enough. I keep having this weird feeling that most of the songs in this one remind me something. And I am 100% sure about this with track number seven titled Miracle Man. Not only is the song's main line a copy / paste from Malmsteen's I Don't Know but also the guitar has the exact same sound! El Diablo! At least Goran Edman with his distinct (and a bit poser vibe) voice adds some color to the whole package.
My suggestion to all of you? Prefer Mr. Anderson's early releases - the ones with Majestic as a band and the mighty Apollo Papathanasiou as a vocalist. They kick ass!!!

5 / 10


"Optical Illusion" Track-listing:

Sin To Sin
The Talisman
Optical Illusion
The Ashen Soul
Ocean Wings
Creator Of Time
Miracle Man
Sphere Of Fantasy
Despair And Pain

Time Requiem Lineup:

Richard Andersson - Keyboards
Goran Edman - Vocals
Jorg Andrews - Drums
Andy Rose - Bass
Magnus Nilsson - Guitars

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