White Fuzz

Time Has Come

Hmmm, I am always glad to review a Regain Records release! The Swedish label has […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
June 14, 2008
Time Has Come - White Fuzz album cover

Hmmm, I am always glad to review a Regain Records release! The Swedish label has never disappointed me since bands like BEHEMOTH, GRAVE, DARK FUNERAL and VADER are always more than willing to kick our sorry asses with some heavy-as-hell albums. Since Regain has been always into the extreme Metal scene, I suppose that TIME HAS COME will offer nothing more than a Black or Death Metal album...

Holy fuck! Is Regain playing some kind of trick on us or is it the harsh reality? These German -whatever- metallers have released a split CD and an EP and what they have done until now helped them sign a contract with Regain. The fact is that I don't see a reason why such a label would sign such a band!

TIME HAS COME play a mixture of Grindcore and Mathcore offering some really nice and brutally heavy moments, but there are times where they become really irritating! There are breaks where the guitars are like they are playing a theme from a Nintendo game! Even though, they manage to stun the listener with some fucking great riffing and great technique, there are some things that won't help you take this band seriously. Even their old logo was almost identical to the one WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH have!

I know these guys adore WFAHM, it is more than obvious in their music, but at least WFAHM know how to kick your ass with some modern, yet sick brutality. I believe that this band would look better in a label like Ferret. Anyway, enough has been said. Not bad, but I got really tired after 2-3 listening sessions. As I said before, this is suggested only to people who are fans of Ferret's releases.

4 / 10

Nothing special

"White Fuzz" Track-listing:

Keep Your Tongue From Evil
A Clown Can Get Away With Murder
When The Promise Of Forever Becomes A Farewell On Lease
Something Draws Near From Nothing
Elevator To Prypiat
The Abandoned City (Part I)
...And No Matter How Fast You Try To Run - You Are Always Moving In Slow Motion
The Abandoned City (Part II)
Ignorance Is Bliss
The White Fuzz

Time Has Come Lineup:

Marcel Detels - Vocals
Dennis Kayser - Guitar
Christoh Schiming - Drums
Lorenz Shranz - Bass

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