Hymns Of The Mortals - Songs From The North


THYRIEN is Melodic Death Metal band from Kerava, Finland. Band was formed in 2005, not […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
February 3, 2014
Thyrien - Hymns Of The Mortals - Songs From The North album cover

THYRIEN is Melodic Death Metal band from Kerava, Finland. Band was formed in 2005, not long afterwards the debut EP "The Frozen North" was released, a few years afterwards "Hymns Of The Mortals - Songs From The North'' was recorded only to be released through Massacre Records.

"Far Beyond Midgard" proved to be a great intro, bestowing accordion chant with atmospheric keyboards along with a symphonic choir, an opening to be reckoned with. "Deathwish" became my favorite, shed the light on impressive Finnish Folk Metal, heavily melodic, with plenty of headbanging zones and guttural growls, experiencing like the mix of KORPIKLAANI, CHILDREN OF BODOM and TYR. "Vengeance Through My Soul" is a punchy, eagerly symphonic and robust tune, strong chorus shimmering with melody alongside assorted paces, closer to harmonic Black Metal ignition.

Honorable mentions goes as well to: "Natures Rage" fast paced melodic Death / Power Metal kind of CHILDREN OF BODOM with massive riffery, same goes to the frosty flake of "The Frozen North", sharing the cold Finnish flavor. "When The Horizon Burns" enchants with Hard Rock elements other than Metallic notations. "Eternal Journey" is another fast kick, generating deathly growls head to head with Folk Metal aspects such of bagpipes. This is what I like. "Tinasormus", Janne Hurme cover, is a kind of cheery song, even where the growling vocal emit a bit brutish emblems, yet with commercial echoes.

THYRIEN's is a wicked kick start for Folk / Melodic Death Metal fans, defining another meaning this mixture of genres that became quite known over the years. There you have flames of brutality and Metallic tradition under the same platter, this something to notice people. This album is in a worldwide level. Take your turn with these guys.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

"Hymns Of The Mortals - Songs From The North" Track-listing:

1. Far Beyond Midgard
2. Vengeance Through My Soul
3. Deathwish
4. Eternal Journey
5. The Frozen North
6. My Victory My Defeat
7. Forest Is My Throne
8. Natures Rage
9. When The Horizon Burns
10. Tinasormus (Janne Hurme Cover)

Thyrien Lineup:

Oskari Koivisto - Guitar & Vocals
Valtteri Martikainen - Lead Guitar
Sakari Martikainen - Drums
Jere Sjögren - Bass & Backing Vocals

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