Circadian Rhythm


This is the first time I come across this band. Who are they? What do […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 29, 2007
Thurisaz - Circadian Rhythm album cover

This is the first time I come across this band. Who are they? What do they play? Where are they from? I really don't know shit about these guys over here. To tell you the truth, I even got bored of searching to find the album's track list and cover. Imagine that they are not mentioned in their official website. I hate it when something like this happens.

THURISAZ was formed in May 1997, in Belgium. The band was a quartet at first but grew bigger with the addition of Canniere Kobe. The band's first musical direction was a Doom/Death Metal style, but it later turned into a more melodic and majestic direction. This is the band's fourth release. Don't ask me if it is their debut album or not, or what were their previous releases. I don't even know!

THURISAZ play a melodic style of Black Metal, which resembles to bands like ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, GRAVEWORM and a bit of DIMMU BORGIR's symphonic parts. The keyboards have taken the role of making the music and the whole atmosphere in general a bit more symphonic and melodic. The guitars are really boring and the overall riffing ideas are incredibly common. The drummer is repeating himself throughout the whole album, something that makes the tracks even more boring. The bass is nothing more than an accompanying instrument and as a bassist, I hate seeing a bass just standing in the background. The production is something more than just decent, but definitely not good. Basically, I would describe Circadian Rhythm as a nicely produced demo release. In my opinion, it does not go beyond the demo level.

Fans of this sound may find this album a bit more interesting than I did, but I think that most of you would not like to spend your money on mediocre albums. If you'd like to search for some stuff coming from the Belgian scene, better listen to some ABORTED or some AGATHOCLES.

5 / 10


"Circadian Rhythm" Track-listing:

Point Of No Return
Circadian Rhythm
Fading Dreams
Switch To Red
Past Perfect

Thurisaz Lineup:

Peter Theuwen - Vocals, Guitar
Mattias Theuwen - Guitar
Vereecke Lars - Bass
De Raeymaecker Pepijn - Drums
Canniere Kobe - Keyboards

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