Dirty Sleazy Rock 'N' Roll

ThunderFuck And The Deadly Romantics

THUNDERFUCK AND THE DEADLY ROMANTICS formed in Hamilton Canada in 2005, they have released 3 […]
By Cullen Baldridge
August 1, 2019
ThunderFuck And The Deadly Romantics - Dirty Sleazy Rock 'N' Roll album cover

THUNDERFUCK AND THE DEADLY ROMANTICS formed in Hamilton Canada in 2005, they have released 3 EP's and a full length album, "Sexploitation" in 2014, They have been banned from many festivals, being a redneck Southern Rock version of STEEL PANTHER may get you banned from a few places, lol, I have to respect a band that sticks true to what they do and don't let the industry change that.

"Drink This Party Dry" seems to be a Punk, Southern Rock song, just a good oh drinking party song. "I'm Not In Love" is a song talking shit about groupies, letting them know how it is and talking a little shit about MOTLEY CRUE also as they do so. "Anal Annie" is a funny ass song about a raunchy ass bitch, that we all know, I'm sure a name will come to mind as you listen to this song whether you hit it or not, lol. "Spray My Love" is about nutting and telling chicks you aren't ready for this Motherfucker, just wow, funny shit, lol, "The Finger" well it isn't what I thought it was going to be about after listening to the songs that came before it, Its A screw-you song, to whoever thinks their shit don't stink.

"Attention Whore" the name says it all, the perfect Facebook song, lol. "One More For The Road" is some good oh Southern Rock, it's about another drink before you head out. "Lets Fuck" is a song about just fucking, we aren't making love here. "GFY" is a bluesy slow song, it's basically a song, letting you know, this is who I am, if you don't like me "Go Fuck Yourself". "Get My Hole" is about not giving no money for some tits in your face, if I'm paying, I'm paying for some Pussy, I like tittie bars myself but I can understand his point, lol. "Jagerbomb" is about getting fucked up and being an Asshole. "#Me To" is a song about shit isn't just happening to you, it's happening to others as well, so stop crying around about it.

I'll admit I wasn't ever really a big fan of this type of music but it had me laughing and yeah I can see where even music doesn't have to be so serious and to the point. It's A good album, the musicianship is great on it, if you need something to lighten your mood, check it out.

10 / 10









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"Dirty Sleazy Rock 'N' Roll" Track-listing:

1. Drink This Party Dry
2. I'm Not In Love
3. Anal Annie
4. Spray My Love
5. The Finger
6. Attention Whore
7. One More For The Road
8. Let's Fuck
9. GFY
10. Get My Hole
11. Jagerbomb
12. #Me Too

ThunderFuck And The Deadly Romantics Lineup:

Thunderfuck - Vocals
Johnny Douchebag - Guitars
Jim Mcpain - Guitars
Ryan Cumsock - Bass
George Leghumper - Drums

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