Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: THRON; signed via Listenable Records, […]
April 8, 2023
Thron - Dust album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: THRON; signed via Listenable Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Black Metal, on their 4th full-length studio album entitled: "Dust" (released March 31st, 2023). Since formation in 2015; the quintet in question have 4 full-length studio albums in their discography so far entitled: "Thron" (released January 20th, 2017), "Abysmal" (released October 5th, 2018), "Pilgrim" (released February 19th, 2021) & this here 4th offering entitled: "Dust" of which I am introduced to. Eleven tracks ranging to 55:19; THRON arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with this rampantly rompy thud of sturdy distortion; gnarly amplification distils a concretely gritty harmony in blistering barrage frenzies of malignant snares & scouring desecration, elementing at a ruthless tonality on savagely seamless rumbles that reverberate with maliciously sinister bombast in "Martyr". Bulldozing eardrums immensely with primitively raw ramifications on slabby solidities, visceral density attributes at a blackened monolith of relentless tempo and crescendo building bludgeoning's, grinding impactfully with slaying volatility which strife with strident technicality which systematically towers with twinning pursuits on striking vehemence amongst a quintessential virtuosity from guitar duo Ravendust/PVIII.

A fierce firepower expertise frolics and chugs with rollicking ramifications on organic substance, injecting an infectiously venomous viscerally on dynamic dexterity which rifts with profusely robust synergy within "The Wrong God". Fabricating a hybrid experimentation; a galloping ferocity forges a distinguished flair on razor-sharp momentum, where rapidly swift nimbleness materialises with maelstrom stability. "Monologue" stampedes with rampaging retribution; manifesting maniacally with diabolical aesthetics, conjuring groovy hooks and choppy crunchiness... crafting a thrusting stomp with piledriving rambunctiousness from hammering drummer J - assimilating an oppressively malevolent recreation in darkened bestiality and brutal calamity that's most shredding.

"Into Oblivion" harnesses a grandiose grandeur in distinctive extremities, harbouring an atmospheric ambience in deathly enthrallment - as monstrously meaty thumps renegade with flickering bass audibility from SXIII for good intensity. While "Return" surges with salubrious sulphurity that quakes with wrathful intent, as this machination of foreboding aggression implodes symbolically with pugnacious shrieks from cordial vocalist SAMCA. Unearthing throaty raspiness and gruesome gutturals amongst a growling empowerment within the tight punchline weight that's most remorseless, while utilised with the progressive versatility of the instrumental chaos that's mayhemic whilst archaically immersive.

"Dying In The Mind" archetypes in abominable conjurations of ominously jarring riffage & synthetic shrouds of soundscapes whilst maintaining that killer laceration in grovelling musicality that thumps with stompy pandemonium, throttling speakers with prolific remedies on rolling echoes in which showcases strong rhythms of bruising but blasphemic atrocities that will supply this thunderous malformation on virulent meltdowns that have a borderline foundation in barbaric bombardments in enriching but evil empowering intrigue on ritualistic deadliness. "The True Belief" continues bludgeoning eardrums with more malignant masquerades in cavernous devastation that transitions with ruinous collapse and bleak, abysmal ethereality.

"Face Of Despair" distils an inhumane trepidation on more firing all cylinders havoc, intertwined with this all guns blazing ricochet that perseveres with persistent revs and brisk but distorted contortion amongst a gnarly fabrication that's just an anguishing symbolism of satanic proportion which will unleash your inner berserker with no doubt. While "The Eve" unravels more mystifying cult-esque desolation; which unearths more stain-filled filth on thick licks and cold but heavy precision on steely sadism that volleys with ghastly but vigorous rigour to boot. The penultimate banger "The Tyranny Of I" rifts with more smothering prowess of demonic gruel, as corrupt conundrums in sanguinary significance mounts with instinctive cascades of doomy gloom and rugged musicality that's radically wicked in every essence.

Until the overall concluding basher "The Golden Calf" finishes off the record with vile fever; captivating a bottom line with this worthy spin of replayable entrance and enjoyably entertaining discovery that will make you want to break chairs over other chairs, or marvel within this supreme justification on this subgenre that surely outdone themselves with "Dust". THRON offered a healthy dose in Black Metal majesty that most definitely deserves a listen, do give it a listen as an enjoyable entertaining experience and discovery awaits you.

8 / 10









"Dust" Track-listing:

1. Dying in the Mud
2. Return...
3. The True Belief
4. The Golden Calf
5. Monologue
6. The Eve
7. Into Oblivium
8. In Tyranny of I
9. Face of Despair
10. The Wrong God
11. Martyr

Thron Lineup:

SXIII - Bass
PVIII - Guitars
SAMCA - Vocals
J - Drums
Ravendust - Guitar

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