Into the Armageddon


 This is the second full-length release from the guys from Ankara, Turkey. Yup, Turkey, you […]
By Jean-François ''Jackal'' Poulin
October 12, 2019
Thrashfire - Into the Armageddon album cover

 This is the second full-length release from the guys from Ankara, Turkey. Yup, Turkey, you don't get much bands out of Turkey, I believe this is a first for me. I read a bit about the band before listening to anything. I like to acclimate myself with the facts and the buzz around the band. I heard they were a very energetic Death/Thrash Metal band and that they were making the rounds in their home country. Not very well known band but I have read a few articles on them on saw some of their stuff on YouTube.

Well, I think they don't sound very technical; it's basically Death Metal with some Thrash Metal elements thrown in for good measure to be perfectly honest. I had trouble finding some technical elements in the songs. There is nothing fancy about the genre; its difficult to stand out in the genre to be perfectly honest. I don't have any problems with the genre itself, but I will admit the vocals sometimes escape me.

There is a strong energy and a raw passion about their music, it's still very good stuff considering my relative ambivalence towards the genre, it definitely isn't innovative by any means. I still enjoy the unbridled energy and just pure chaos of the songs themselves. You just want to run around and hit something. It does get you in a better mood and you just headbang until you can't no more. That's the style, that's its purpose in a way. You have some ferocious drumming and some righteous guitar work on this release. The production values aren't the greatest but I wasn't expecting anything outstanding, the genre does not need clean drums or computers to adjust the sounds of the instruments. THRASHFIRE just has that blistering speed about them and they play like it was their last night on earth. Their live material on YouTube is pretty awesome and I have been telling alot of people that Thrash Metal is much more enjoyable in person. You can feel every note and the energy that the band has in front of you. On CD or MP3, well you don't really sense much of it. Is it stripped down to its bare necessities? Not necessarily but you will enjoy it more if you can feel it in your bones.

Most songs on this album are interchangeable; nothing really stands out in my mind. Everything is brutal and unrelenting and the order of the songs wouldn't have changed a thing. It's an ode to the forefathers of the genre, they may have been copycats but they keep the basics from bands like KREATOR or early NUCLEAR ASSAULT.

6 / 10

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"Into the Armageddon" Track-listing:

1. Pure Devastating Necromancy
2. Katacomb the Kingdom of Resurrection
3. Dybbukim
4. Wisdom of Sacrilegious
5. Supreme Command
6. Through the Crimson Darkness
7. Slaughtered by Hellgoats
8. Post Apocalyptic Holy Terror
9. High Heel in the Hell
10. Into the Armageddon

Thrashfire Lineup:

Okan Ozden - Bass and Vocals
Burak Tavus - Guitars
Gurkan Guvendik - Drums

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