Into The Woods Of Belial

Thou Shalt Suffer

Let's use our time machine and take a trip back in time, in 1991 when […]
By Thodoris Pantazopoulos
May 10, 2004
Thou Shalt Suffer - Into The Woods Of Belial album cover

Let's use our time machine and take a trip back in time, in 1991 when Emperor's masterminds, Isahn and Samoth, decided to start a project aside their main band so to express their musical anxieties and have total artistic freedom.
Thou Shall Suffer was their creation, a band that consolidated elements that couldn't be a part of Emperor's musical direction, and above everything a dareful enterprise at the time being.
The material that's gathered here is not new at all. It's a collection of two re-releases and one EP recorded back in 1991. Of course I'm talking about the Into the woods of Belial, Rehearsal demos and the EP Open The Mysteries Of Your Creations that comprised the first releases of T.S.S.
The band delivers (well...delivered actually) a strange mixture of Atmospheric, Black/Death Metal fairly precocious but 100% pure and honest. As atmospheric as raw, as eerie as luscious, T.S.S' music isn't the easiest thing to cope with but this might be their strongest point after all. All three albums are a bit similar, as the sound is in best case mediocre (I shouldn't make a comment about the ''Rehearsal'' demo's sound, I think the title explains  everything) and the musical structure pretty loose but that's not the point here.
This is an opportunity for all those who missed the forenamed releases and are familiar with this kind of music, to observe an interesting deviation in the career of two of Black Metal's most known personalities. The rest of you who read this review, stay veeeeeeery far away! There won't be a rate here cause it has rather sentimental and collective value for the fans than commercial.

"Into The Woods Of Belial" Track-listing:

Into The Woods Of Belial
I Seek The Path Of Obscurity
Chimera Dimension
The goat Of A Thousand Young
Succumb To Vestigita Terrent
Painful Void Of Time
Spectral Prophecy
Into The Woods Of Belial
The Goat Of Thousand Young
Chimera Dimension
I Seek The Path Of Obscurity (Burp Mix) / ...Obscurity Supreme

Thou Shalt Suffer Lineup:

Ihsahn - Lead-axe, Growls Of Death & Synths
Samoth - Necrocannibalistic Deathnoise
Ildjarn - Bass Distortion
Thorbjorn - Battery - (Bass on EP)
Ronny - Battery on EP

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