Orgia Daemonicum

Thou Art Lord

Looking at the front cover of the new Thou Art Lord album (an excellent piece […]
By Michael Dalakos
April 27, 2005
Thou Art Lord - Orgia Daemonicum album cover

Looking at the front cover of the new Thou Art Lord album (an excellent piece of work by Timo Wuerz) I thought, damn, I should have this one on vinyl. Alright, I know this sounds a bit sexist but come on! The gals on the front cover give a new meaning to phrase morning glory. I think it is time to stop talking about the front cover before the satanic forces behind the act conjure the forces of darkness against me...
Thou Art Lord was formed back in 1993 from Sakis (guitars & vocals in Rotting Christ) and The Magus (Necromantia). The two performers decided to join forces and create a form of art slightly deferent then what they where doing with their bands at the certain time period. Thou Art Lord never became as big as Rotting Christ or other known Greek extreme metal acts but through the years they manage to craft a cult reputation around their name. Orgia Daemonium is their second album since their return in 2002 after a long period of silence with the album DV8.
The new album now can be considered a very interesting case of old school death / thrash, a return to basics after several years of experimentation. It can't be considered as a step back, no, since there are several innovations in here. Thou Art Lord have a weird opinion about melody, no mater how brutal or monolithic their music might sound at times there are always melodic elements making the listening a rather interesting experience. Also the cover of old time classic Power From Hell from the legendary Onslaught add points to the retro influences.
The sound is also quite close to the 80's approach of evil music. According to the band they have tired of listening boring plastic-triggered recordings. The outcome of this is a distinct sound (yeah, the drums doesn't sound like Arch Enemy, so what?) that you either love or hate.
As far as the satanic concept, my apologies but I always considered the blending of metal music with Satanism or other occults nothing more than a by-product or advertising (I wonder if all these dr. evil guys eat impaled lamb during the Easter holidays. Come on!).

7 / 10


"Orgia Daemonicum" Track-listing:

Possessed / The Legion
Hecate Unveiled
An Apparition Of Vengeance
He, The Great Worm
The Gnostic Code
The Royal Invocation Of Apophis
Orgia Daemonicum
Satanic Aphorisms
Power From Hell

Thou Art Lord Lineup:

Sakis - Guitars & Vocals
The Magus - Bass & Vocals
Themis - Drums

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