The House Band For The Devil's Strip Club

Thorn Fetish

If I hear anyone saying that the first thing he noticed on the cover was […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
August 18, 2008
Thorn Fetish - The House Band For The Devil's Strip Club album cover

If I hear anyone saying that the first thing he noticed on the cover was something else than the beautiful chicks he is either a liar or gay. After observing some well shaped and shiny butts I decided to listen to the album and see if it is equally beautiful. Even though when I see such band names I automatically think that the band sucks.

The US born metallers have decided that it is time for their first official release, thus their debut album arrives at the Metal Temple headquarters. Being active since somewhere around 2006, the band has participated in various contests trying to find its way to the top. Let's see if these guys can climb high or stay into the pit.

Blending various influences like Nu Metal, Stoner and Thrash Metal, THORN FETISH have created a pretty interesting mixture of aggression and heaviness, while adding a modern edge on it. The good thing is that they have managed to craft a unique sound despite the wide variety of sounds they use, making the album sound solid. There were times I sensed some BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and HELLYEAH influences, while other times I was punched by some pure Heavy Metal riffing.

Dorian Grey is also a destructive weapon, since his vocals add some extra power to the songs. These guys know how to groove, how to rock and definitely how to roll! One of the first things someone notices in a band's music is definitely the guitar work, and I can tell you that the riffs in this album are heavy as fuck and Kaige must have spent hours of studying the work bands like CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, SOIL and GODSMACK have left us (and still keep producing).

The sound is also not bad at all, although a slightly dirtier and heavier production would fit THORN FETISH's music better. I tell you, this album will make you bang your fucking head and I was damn sure that these guys were a bunch of losers before I listen to their music. Some times the first impression may deceive you, but the US metallers proved me wrong, showing some great potential for the future. Just wait until a big label discovers them and signs them. They will kick your butt with the power of Rock & Roll!

PS: Did I say that the singer kind of looks like Jack Black?

7 / 10


"The House Band For The Devil's Strip Club" Track-listing:

Pissin In The Holy Water
Let's Get Evil
The Witching Hour
Time To Die
Porno Music
No Rest For The Wicked
March Of The Saints
The Hate
Deja Voodoo
The Devil's Music

Thorn Fetish Lineup:

Dorian Grey - Vocals
Kaige - Guitar
Pumpkin D. Psycho - Bass
Doc Neanderthal - Drums

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