Thirty Giants

THIRTY GIANTS are a band from Brighton, United Kingdom, they established in 2017 from the […]
By Cullen Baldridge
August 10, 2019
Thirty Giants - Struggle album cover

THIRTY GIANTS are a band from Brighton, United Kingdom, they established in 2017 from the ashes of many other bands, there's not a lot on these guys, nothing but a Facebook page and this is their debut release.

"Dweller" isn't a bad way to start off at all, It's not too soft or too hard, it's a pretty tight song, it has pretty solid guitars, the drums fit perfectly, I feel that the vocals are perfect for the song. "The Charnel Horse On The Orkney Isles" isn't a song I personally feel but the drums are solid once again, the guitars are good but digging the bass lines most of all. "1409" starts out pretty cool, um was gonna say musically it was cool but didn't care for the vocals but actually think they crowed on me after I listened to it for a few, I loved the bass lines and drums from the start, It took a minute for the rest of the song. "Amateraus" isn't bad musically but vocally, it kinda has a PORNO FOR PYRO feel that I'm not a big fan of.

"Vessels" begins with a deep bass line and the drums playing in accordance, pretty cool vibe from the guitar joining in, I don't really care for the vocals on this one either, I'm just not feeling the direction of the song. "Mayhem Prayer" begins with a cool riff than switched up to something a little faster with a pretty cool groove, I'm not minding the vocals here so much, the song could have actually been named after the band. "Orchard Of Bones" begins with a sketching howl and fast drums, the song has a RANCID feel to me but has its heavier areas.

"La Porte's Widow" is the coolest song on the album, it seems to be darker and heavier than anything else, it has some kind of a news sound clip incorporated and then continues on basically in the fashion as before. "Ghost" is as also a faster song that I don't mind so much with cool guitars and bad ass drums, the bass also comes bleeding through.

There isn't really a lot known about this band, "Struggle" is the 1st release and was released independently, a Facebook page is all they have at the moment with limited info, it has a few good songs on the album but not really impressed.

6 / 10

Had Potential








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"Struggle" Track-listing:

1. Dweller
2. The Charnel Horse On The Orkney Isles
3. 1409
4. Amateraus
5. Vessels
6. Mayhem Prayer
7. Orchard Of Bones
8. La Porte's Widow
9. Ghost

Thirty Giants Lineup:

Luca Cissue - Guitar, Vocals
Dale Gilburt - Guitar
Will Berridge - Drums
Sam Yard - Bass

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