Where the Stories Begin


THERAGON are power metal titans coming all the way from Spain. "Where the Stories Begin" […]
By John Foley
January 11, 2021
Theragon - Where the Stories Begin album cover

THERAGON are power metal titans coming all the way from Spain. "Where the Stories Begin" is their first album and with this release and the following they have already, they are sure to turn some heads. The album opens with intro track "The Prophecy". It opens very operatic with a very cinematic feel to it. As it plays out it sets the tone for what is to come. Next track starts and it is "Theragon", and with this one names after the band you know this is going to show what they are all about. It starts with an organ intro with the drums coming in then we get the rest of the band jumping in too. The synth/keyboards here really compliment what the rest of the band are doing. We also get a nice section with clean guitar and piano after the solo.

Next up we have "Blazeborn" with a fast upbeat feel to it. For most of this song the band really builds up to this big chorus sound that we get and eventually leads to an epic sounding guitar solo. This one is a real crowd goer. Also on this album we get the track "The Eternal War". The song plays out like a war cry. It has a pretty good pace to it and with the strings/synth sounds from the keyboards and the backing vocals it really helps to lift the song up. As the song comes to an end the band goes into double time for a speed things up. "As the Wind" has this synth/keyboard opening which leads to this epic scope of sound with the band then galloping along. This one has that huge sing along choruses that appear a lot on Where the Stories Begin. I do love the sound from that double bass pedal from the drums. The guitar solo isn't a very flashy one but really does add something to the song.

We come up to the lead single with "Drunk Dwarf Inn". From the intro you hear some folk metal vibes going on. The guitar playing on this one sounds killer here with a cool solo and middle section to go with it all. This has a fun sing along chorus and is a really fun song as well. The final track from the band is "Talisman of Tears" and with this one the band are going out with a bang. It opens with a nice clean guitar melody. Some great vocal harmonies around the start of this ten minute power house of a song. After all that the guitar then comes in and takes charge. With the length of this track THERAGON manage to fit in different sections as the song switches tone through-out. About half way through we get this bass solo that then leads into a guitar and bass play off with each other and a quiet piano section after all that. The song has a lot packed into it.

As the final song here the band have Rickrolled the listener by covering "Never Gonna Give You Up" by 80's singer RICK ASTLEY. It is an interesting and fun cover song. You can really hear that the band put their own twist and sound to this one. With "Where the Stories Begin" you can really hear the big ideas that THERAGON had for this album. This album is full on power metal with a few folk elements thrown in. Nice bit of range with the vocals and the band sounds pretty solid too with the keyboards adding texture to their sound and the many big sounding choruses through-out.

7 / 10









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"Where the Stories Begin" Track-listing:

1. The Prophecy
2. Theragon
3. Blazeborn
4. The Eternal War
5. Fire Blood
6. As the Wind
7. Am I
8. Drunk Dwarf Inn
9. Talisman of Tears
10. Never Gonna Give You Up (Cover)

Theragon Lineup:

Enrique García - Bass
Joan Andreu Quiles - Drums
Alejandro Ibáñez - Guitars
Hèctor Palanca - Keyboards
Ferran Quiles - Vocals

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